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Falling For Sakura Trilogy Book 1: A New Adult Contemporary Romance Series

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A Secret Kiss by Alexia Praks

In Japan, Sakura is the beautiful cherry blossom that blooms vibrantly in spring and symbolizes the insightful Buddhist phrase mono no aware, which means the pathos of things, a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. FALLING FOR SAKURA is the story of Caucasian-Japanese Sakura, her journey to finding herself, and her torn love for two very different brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton.

Orphan Sakura, with no last name, is accustomed to being rejected, hated, bullied, and unloved. When she is adopted by the wealthy Princeton family, her seven brothers refuse to accept her, and her two sisters constantly bully her. Instead of admitting defeat, she gladly takes on her new life with a brave face, working hard to earn her new siblings’ trust and love. Her endeavor, however, ultimately leads to a series of unfortunate incidents.

Now years later, the twenty-three-year-old beauty dreads the moment she once again has to meet the drop-dead gorgeous brothers, due to arrive for their cousin’s wedding. Dodging their very presence is next to impossible since the brothers, who have forgotten who she is entirely, are attracted to her like moths to a flame and thwart her escapes at every turn. This, of course, leads to ungodly, tempting situations, awakens forbidden feelings, and ignites old flames that have been suppressed and laid dormant for many years. When she finds them competing for her—NOT for her sisterly affection, which she still deeply craves, but for her love as a woman—she is torn between Sebastian Princeton, the brother who loves her and watches over her from a distance, and Darcy Princeton, the brother who was once her best friend and now secretly yearns for her forgiveness and her love once again.

A Demon’s Wrath: Chapter 1

2015 A Demon Wrath Book 1Chapter I



Two moons prior…
Van Zandt Palace, Dardania Kingdom


LADY CECELIA VAN ZANDT STARED at her king sprawled back in his mahogany and golden chair, his plump hands resting atop his prominent belly. He was contemplating his giant ruby ring on his porky finger, ignoring her speech of plea.

She felt quite annoyed by his lack of interest. He looked as though he were about to fall asleep, but she knew he wasn’t because he was now playing with the ring.

How could he not care? He was her king and, more than that, her uncle. How can he act as though he has not a care in the world? My mother is dying, for God’s sake.

“Surely, sire,” she said, staring at his hazel eyes and chubby face. “Could you not send your most trusted and strong soldiers to fetch it?” She raised her hand in the air to stress her point. “There are many strong soldiers in our kingdom.”

“My dear child,” he said, finally looking at her. “You are young and your mind is weak with neither thought of danger nor death. Listen well, child…”

Cecelia grimaced. She wasn’t a child anymore. She had seen ten and nine summers past, and that made her a grown person. Of course, the king didn’t think thus.

She was petite and, to her annoyance, came short on all the womanly traits men seemed to adore. She was too thin, her hair too dark, and her skin not at all petal white, as fashion required. This was because she’d spent too much time in the sun. She knew people had been comparing her to Queen Eliza Van Zandt, Lady Rosanna Van Dyck, and Lady Juliet Van Dyck, who were all fair beauties.

“I will not send my soldiers to die,” the king said abruptly.

“But, sire, ’tis the only way Mother can live. The healer said she will soon die if we do not do something. The Pearl of Life will cure the poison.”

“There is nothing we can do,” he said slowly.

Cecelia was angry. There was always a solution to a problem, but the king was a narrow-minded man. She knew he would prefer to do what was safe for him.

She fisted her hands and said through gritted teeth, “You do not care for your brother’s wife, then?”

King Leroi Van Zandt turned to look at his niece, his hazel eyes narrowed in distaste as he took in her person.

“Child,” he said, sitting up straight in his large, dominating chair. “I do care for your mother.” He lied and felt no guilt because it came too easy these days. “It is simply too dangerous even for an excellently trained soldier. I do not care to let my men set foot in that forbidden land. The creatures that inhabit that sea of death and those monsters roaming in that forbidden forest, not to mention the demons themselves.”

“But Mother’s life depends on—”

“Have you ever met a demon?” he asked.

Cecelia closed her eyes. Her heart began to beat faster. Her mind flashed back to that night three years ago when she’d first sighted the demons. They were monstrous creatures with two thick, black horns on their heads, faces and large bear-like bodies resembling a beast. She shivered as she remembered the fire burning down walls and furniture, devouring everything in sight, and the figures of demons shrouding around her.

She fluttered her eyes open and looked at her uncle.

“Nay?” King Leroi smiled as he looked at her shaking her head. “I imagine they would give you nightmares for weeks to come.”

Cecelia was still shaking. It was not only weeks. It was years.

“Monstrous creatures they are. Met one many years ago. Killed ten of my soldiers on the spot, ripping them to pieces.”

Cecelia paled and her stomach hollowed.

King Leroi smiled inwardly. “You are afraid at the thought?”

Cecelia clamped her lips together in response.

“Aye, you are not unfounded to be afraid of them. I am a good king. You must appreciate that I am, and this kingdom is protecting you from them.” He leaned forward, his small eyes scrutinizing her. “Do you appreciate what I’ve done for you and your family?”

Cecelia couldn’t look at him. Instead, she stared at the polished marble floor of white and gold. She felt quite numb.

“Do you?”

“Aye, I do,” she softly replied.

He smiled, his plump cheeks nearly covering his small eyes as he did so. “Then you know it is for the best to leave things be.”

She looked up at him then, her brown eyes misting with tears. “You will not send the soldiers to the Demon Kingdom?”

“Nay,” came the harsh reply.

Cecelia had to control her anger by fisting her hands. Her knuckles began to turn white. She felt a sense of defeat. All of her planning from the previous three nights had come to naught. All her plausible explanations as to why this Pearl of Life—a mysterious seed that grew within a giant clam in the Demon Kingdom, which, according to rumors, had the power to cure her mother from the Westwick poison—was to no avail.

“We will not talk of this in the future. Perhaps it is God’s will that your mother would leave us soon,” he said, looking heavenward and crossing himself.

Nay! Cecelia cried in her heart. ’Tis not God’s will that Mother would die soon.

“You are dismissed.”

Cecelia curtsied, and turning on her heel, she left the king’s private study.

In the long corridor, she was still feeling defeated and angry when she met the two women she most wanted to avoid. Even though she’d heard the clop-clops of their backless mules, she couldn’t escape them as she did not know where an alternative exit was except for the one shown to her by a footman. That exit was at the end of the corridor, behind the two vile women.

“Lady Cecelia Van Zandt, already back from whispering your wicked thoughts to the king?” Rosanna sneered, folding her arms across her generous bosom.

Cecelia looked at the blond-haired woman. She was, as usual, exquisitely beautiful today, dressed in a silk lavender gown. Her silver-blond tresses were styled into ringlets about her head, thus showing off her slender, swan-like neck, which was adorned with a large ruby and gold necklace of an intricate design.

“What did you say to him?” Juliet, the younger sister, said, grabbing hold of Cecelia’s arm and nudging her toward them.

Cecelia glanced at Juliet. She was also very pretty today, dressed in a pastel silk gown and her honey-blond hair styled into ringlets on her head.

“Nothing that concerns you,” Cecelia said, shook her arm free, and moved aside to pass them.

Rosanna smoothly stepped in front of her, stopping her escape. “Tell me or suffer the consequence,” the woman said, her green eyes so sharp Cecelia thought if they were real blades, her smooth cheek would be cut by now.

Though she was afraid, she stood her ground and tilted her head a notch higher so her eyes met Rosanna’s.

“I said nothing that concerns you,” she repeated without showing her fear.

“Insolence!” Rosanna snapped and slapped Cecelia’s right cheek.

Cecelia took a deep breath as she fisted her hands. Slowly, she turned to glare at the woman. She itched to retaliate but knew she would only get into more trouble, for Queen Eliza would soon hear of their fights and would, as always, punish her.

“You will not talk of such to me again, do you hear?” Rosanna hissed. “I am the queen’s cousin. I have all the power, and you have none. It is as well that you know your place here. You should thank the good king for taking you and your family under his wing, for providing you and your family food and shelter after the attack. You should thank the Lord you are still living and breathing this day and not being ripped to pieces by those demons.”

Cecelia squared her shoulders and said, “I do thank God for his mercy every evening tide afore retiring to bed, Lady Rosanna.”

“So what did you talk to the king about?” Juliet asked, yanking at Cecelia’s sleeve.

Cecelia didn’t answer.

Rosanna frowned and her lips thinned into a line. “Tell me now!” she said and yanked her again.

“The Pearl of Life,” Cecelia said.

Both women stared at her in disbelief.

“The Pearl of Life?” Rosanna repeated. “You cannot think to ask the king to dispatch his soldiers to retrieve it, can you?”

Cecelia didn’t answer. She made a move to leave.

“Do you?” Rosanna snapped, grabbing Cecelia’s arm and yanking her back.

“Aye,” Cecelia said and shifted her arm free.

“But it is in the Demon Kingdom, somewhere in the cave deep in the forbidden forest where the terrible monsters live. ’Tis the demon king’s treasure. The creature won’t allow you. The men will die.”

Cecelia ignored the women’s barks of outrage and turned to go.

“You would let the brave soldiers die to save your useless mother?” Rosanna said.

Cecelia twisted around and slapped Rosanna on the cheek. She felt oddly satisfied. To hell with Queen Eliza, she thought. If the news of this small fight reached the woman’s ear and later she got the punishment, so be it.

Rosanna’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

“My mother is not useless,” Cecelia said in a low, heated voice. “She is a great woman, a great lady. She is Countess of Rosevalley, who loves her people.”

“And why is the great Rosevalley gone, turned into ash overnight? Because your dear father was useless, that’s why,” Rosanna snapped.

“It was the demons. It had nothing to do with him,” Cecelia said angrily, tears brewing in her eyes.

“It’s because your father was weak. That was why he couldn’t handle a few demons,” Rosanna said.

“It wasn’t just a few demons,” Cecelia defended. Inside, she felt hopeless, and she knew no matter how hard she tried to argue with them, she would still lose.

“How do you know it wasn’t just a few demons?” Juliet asked.

“I know,” Cecelia said and knew they were laughing at her acting like a child, defending her hero father, Prince Peter Van Zandt, Earl of Rosevalley. In her heart, she knew it wasn’t just a few demons. There was a whole army of them. She had seen them herself. They had attacked at night, killing anyone in sight. It was a miracle she, her mother, and her brother had escaped at all.

She looked at Juliet, and without another word, turned and walked as fast as she could from the corridor.

“Where are you going? Come back here. I’m not finished with you,” Rosanna yelled.

Cecelia ignored her shout of outrage and walked faster, her shoes clip-clopping against the polished floor.

She exited the king’s wing and entered the courtyard. Though the bright sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the flowers were beautiful and blooming in all different shades of the rainbow, she didn’t see them, and if she did, she wouldn’t appreciate them.

She ran across the courtyard, passing the exotic pond swimming with Koi and turtles, the great magnolia trees blooming with white and pink blossoms, and the bushes of bright-red roses that would have made her smile and entered the corridor of the north wing.

This wing was assigned to her family three years ago when they had arrived under the king’s aid after the demons’ attack.

Cecelia was very glad that this north wing was old and not very elegant as were the other three in the palace. And furthermore, because the wing faced north, this meant it was colder than the rest, which both the king and queen themselves, not to mention Rosanna and Juliet, disliked immensely. Hence, they had never come to visit. Not that they wanted to anyway. Queen Eliza had never liked her mother, a fact Cecelia found most suitable to her since her mother, and herself of course, had never liked her in return.

Cecelia came to a grand foyer decorated with a light rose-pink and royal-purple drapes over the long windows. The grand stairs were made of white marble and the large walls were hung with paintings of previous kings, queens, and lords of the kingdom—her ancestors.

She climbed the stairs and then came across the corridor. Turning to her right, she came to a huge door. She stood there for a moment to calm her nerves. Once she was composed, she walked into her mother’s bedchamber.

Closing the door behind her, she wiped her tears clean. She didn’t want her mother to see her crying. The woman already had enough trouble as it was.

“Mother?” she called into the large, elegant room.

“Celia, my darling?” She heard her mother’s hoarse voice and her heart nearly broke. She walked toward the large four-poster bed in the center of the room.

Lady Margaret Van Zandt, Countess of Rosevalley, was sitting between large pillows, and her fragile figure only confirmed Cecelia’s suspicion that her mother was getting weaker.

“Mother,” she said, taking a seat on the side of the bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Margaret said, trying to smile but failing.

Cecelia knew it was painful to even lift those once beautiful lips. Her mother tried for her sake, she knew.

“I can hear the bees buzzing and the birds singing,” her mother whispered. “So beautiful in spring, don’t you think, darling?”

Cecelia agreed without much thought.

“The festival will be so lovely with wildflowers everywhere.” Margaret reached out her frail hand to touch her daughter’s.

“I won’t be joining,” Cecelia said as she lifted her mother’s hand to her lips. She kissed it and then gently moved it to touch her cheek.

“Why?” Margaret asked, watching her daughter with interest.

“It will be no joy without you there.”

“Nonsense.” The countess frowned. “I want you to go and enjoy the festival. Take your brother with you. Perhaps this time, you will find a fine young man—”

“Mother, you are weak. Do not talk more,” Cecelia said firmly, resting her mother’s hand back on the bedding. She moved up to tuck the blanket around the woman.

Margaret looked at her daughter and knew Cecelia didn’t like talking about finding a husband. She knew it was the very least important matter for her daughter to consider, for her small shoulders were already heavily burdened with many other problems. She knew she and her sickness was one of them.

She changed the subject to ease her daughter’s mind. “Aye, I am tired. Pass me some tea, darling.”

Cecelia poured her mother a cup of tea and helped her as she drank the warm, dark liquid. After her mother had finished, she helped her settle back in bed. The countess was just closing her eyes when Cecelia broke the silence.

“I’ve been to see the king,” she began.

Margaret reached for Cecelia’s hand. “Do not bother him. He has enough on his mind already. The war—”

“Mother, please stop. Where have you heard of such?”

“The maid and the healer.” Margaret opened her eyes just a little to look at her daughter.

“They gossip too much. But you are important, too. The poison… the healer said it has reached your heart. I’m so afraid.”

“Perhaps it is time for me to go.”

“Please, Mother, do not speak of such.” Cecelia shook her head as tears started to brew in her eyes.

“We are only mortal, here to live in this world for a short time and then be taken away again. Even demons, they too will die someday—”

“Please do not speak of them. Not the demons. They have caused us enough pain,” Cecelia said, her heart raging with hatred at the mere mention of them.

“Your father was a brave man, Celia. He stood up to them. He was a great lord and a great warrior.”

“I am proud of him,” Cecelia said, touching her mother’s hand to her cheek again.

The countess sighed.

“The Pearl of Life—” Cecelia brought up the subject.

“Do not speak of it, Celia. Let fate take its course.” When Margaret looked at her daughter, there was a command in her brown eyes that Cecelia found hard to disobey. She was a good daughter, and she must do as she was told. So she dropped the subject. She didn’t want her mother to think too much, for the mere act of thinking itself, the healer had told her, would also increase the poison’s power.

“I will let you rest now,” she said.

After helping her mother comfortably settle in bed, she left.

In her own bedchamber, Cecelia was deep in thought, planning what would be the best course of action to save her mother’s life. There must be a way to get the Pearl of Life. Her previous solution was to plead with the king for his help, but now that wasn’t possible. Another idea that came to her mind was to hire a well-trained soldier to retrieve the item. But who would risk their life to go into the Demon Kingdom? There were too many unknown creatures along the dangerous journey already and many unknown obstacles they must overcome in order to reach the kingdom itself. The very word demon would send people shaking with fear. A demon could suck the blood out of a man and then rip his body to a thousand pieces.

There is no hope for her now.

Cecelia threw herself on her bed, helpless. She lay there for how long she did not know, deep in thought. She was also beginning to get a bad headache.


She lifted her head and saw her brother at the door. She quickly sat up as her brother walked into the room. She saw his left boot was ripped at the heel, his breeches and coat were smudged with dirt, as was his young, handsome face, and his dark hair was tousled.

“How was the hunt?” she asked, not surprised at all at the fact that her brother looked like he’d been beaten severely. His skin was so pale that it worried her.

Brian Van Zandt came to sit beside her on the large, four-poster bed. She frowned when she saw his dark, scowled face. She knew he must have been silently raging inside. She knew he felt trapped and worthless. He craved to do much, much more. Her heart ached for him.

“They left you in the forest alone again?”

Brian frowned fiercely and then reluctantly nodded.

“They will get it back one day, Brian. You will see,” she said, wiping the dirt from his cheek.

“How is Mother?”

She didn’t know whether to tell him the truth of their mother’s condition or not. She knew if she lied to him, it wouldn’t sit well with her.

“She is getting worse, Brian.”

“Why isn’t the king sending his soldiers to fetch the Pearl of Life?” Brian snapped angrily.

“It is too dangerous. The journey is long and there are many unknown creatures. There are also the demons,” Cecelia explained.

“If only I were healthier, then I would go myself and fetch it,” Brian said, nodding his head and squaring his jaw Cecelia had seen their father do so many times before. She heard the bravery in his seventeen-year-old voice. “If only… if only I were not so sickly. This body of mine.”

He was referring to his chronic condition that had caused him much pain during the nights. Ever since the sickness had struck two and a half years ago, a sickness no one knew the name nor had ever heard of, he had been coughing and his whole body aching severely. He was always tired and so very pale. Most of the time, he couldn’t breathe easily. The healer said strenuous exertion could kill him, which she feared might just happen if he continued to burn himself out just to prove to those other youths that he was capable of standing on his own two feet, that he wasn’t just a pampered young lord.

Looking at him now, Cecelia thought how different he was years ago when they’d been back at Rosevalley Island. The younger Brian had always been so outgoing and active. He had love exploring and riding and practicing his smallsword against her, sharpening his skills. If it weren’t for the infection, he would have grown to be a fine young man, strong and powerful. A young man who could one day take back Rosevalley Island. But fate had dealt them a dreadful blow. Now he could do naught of those things he loved, those things that would make him stronger, for in doing so, it could kill him.

“And if only I were born a boy,” Cecelia said absentmindedly, nodding her head.

“Aye, then you could become a soldier and you could go to the Demon Kingdom and fetch the Pearl of Life.”

“You must not forget I must first fight the demon king, for the Pearl of Life belongs to him.”

“Aye,” the youth said, nodding. “I trust you would beat him. After all, you are very good with the smallsword. I know your fencing is unparalleled, but those teachers and lords, they don’t know you know how to fence, let alone lift a smallsword.”

“The demon king is a very powerful warrior, Brian. How could I defeat him? I am only a woman with a woman’s strength.”

Brian eyed her. The innocent look in his brown eyes nearly made Cecelia forget everything, and she wished she were once again a child. Then she would have no worries. But that is not to be.

“Father was huge, but Mother was still able to defeat him,” he said, thinking about those times long ago when their father had surrendered to their mother when they’d been fighting with words.

Cecelia widened her eyes. “They are different, Brian. The demon king is a demon. He is not a man.”

“What is the difference?” Brian asked. “Surely demons are like humans, too? Surely they look very much like us?”

Cecelia thought even though Brian was seventeen, his life had been quite sheltered, as was she, for they had been exiled here in this northern castle since Rosevalley had fallen. He didn’t have friends, nor she. They went through life without much experience of the outside world. Thus, he didn’t know demons were creatures to fear. He didn’t know they were monsters that killed without mercy. He didn’t know they were hideous beings with beastlike bodies and faces resembling wolves. But she knew because she had seen them.

“Well, for one thing, demons are demons,” she explained weakly.

“Celia, I just know you’ll defeat this demon when you meet him,” Brian said. “I will go wash up. I smell very bad.” He kissed her on the cheek, stood, and then slowly limped out the door.

Alone, Cecelia turned to look out her window into the large city below the palace. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She wondered if she were to meet this demon king, would she be able to defeat him? She doubted it. She would probably faint on the spot just looking at him. Nay, she would never meet him. That she was certain of.

* * * * *

A Demon’s Wrath: Prologue

2015 A Demon Wrath Book 1Prologue


Oakley House, Demon Kingdom


WHEN CECELIA VAN ZANDT FLUTTERED her eyes open, the first thing she saw was the bright blue sky through the enormous window on the east. Beautiful was the first word that came to her mind as she lay there marveling at the exquisite scenery of green woods and wildflowers, the smell of ripe fruits and blossoms, and the feel of the warm sunlight on her skin. In the distance, she could hear birds and crickets chirping, and instantly, her mind flashed back to those wonderful summer days years ago when she’d been back in Rosevalley Island, her home, with her family. Just as quickly, reality hit her like a splash of ice-cold water. Her heart raced. Her body became alert, and she was very much aware of what had transpired last night in this very large bed.

She was still a little sore, particularly down there where—

She shut her eyes again and gritted her teeth. She didn’t want to think of last night, but the images of the ruggedly handsome demon Drake McNamara refused to leave her mind.

She heard a chuckle and instantly knew he was there in the room with her. She had thought he’d left her alone after his successful, ardent seduction last night. But it appeared she was wrong.

A blush spread across her cheeks, and Cecelia clutched the blanket tighter against her naked body as she heard his light footsteps moving toward her. A moment later, she felt him sitting on the bed behind her.

Breathe, Celia, breathe, she told herself.

Her heart was still pounding madly when he said, “You’re finally awake, little thief?”

His voice, the deep timbre, did nothing to ease her awareness of him. She flashed her eyes open and turned her head, sucking in her breath once she saw him. He was wearing a white cotton shirt, unbuttoned and revealing his muscular chest. His dark breeches hung loosely about his long legs and waist, as if he’d just put them on in haste simply to cover himself as he went about the room. His chestnut-brown hair, a bit too long, was styled in a disheveled crop about his head and his face. He watched her, his gray eyes scrutinizing, pinning her where she was.

Cecelia thought about feigning sleep but knew it would be to no avail, as he’d already seen her looking at him.

“Yes, sire? What is it you want with me in such early hours of the morning?”

“Not early hours, little thief. Rather, ’tis nearly noon.” He grabbed ahold of the thin linen and pulled it off her person.

Cecelia gasped. “Sire!” she uttered, rushing off the bed to retrieve her cover.

Drake caught her wrist before she had the chance to touch the white material and roughly pulled her to him.

Totally and utterly naked as a newborn baby, Cecelia found herself sitting on the demon’s lap, her long dark hair in disarray about her person and her eyes large as she gazed up at him. She squirmed a little in his tight embrace as the warmth of his large body and his scent—pure male and spice and woods—did nothing to ease her fascination toward him. Even now, after she’d been in his presence numerous times, she was still overwhelmed at the sheer size of him. He was just simply too large and too hard for her peace of mind. His scowl, too, the scowl that would send many Dardanian men crying and begging for mercy, was still plastered on his face. It was odd that she was no longer afraid of that glare. Nay, she was in actual fact very used to it and thus expected it every time she saw him. And now was no different.

He pulled her closer, his warm, strong hand resting at the small of her back. She could feel him against her, the hardness and warmness of his lean body touching her soft one. Instantly, she felt her core heat up in response and became weak, as if she’d already surrendered to him.

Drake Oswald McNamara, demon king, gazed at the young human girl who had stolen his precious jewel, the Pearl of Life. For thirty years, since the seed came to life when he was born, no one had even dared to think about stealing it. For to commit such an unthinkable crime, the punishment was death. And this slip of a girl had disregarded the penalty, stolen the jewel, and used it for her own selfish reason. Now she had to pay the price. Death, however, was not on the agenda, and Drake had other plans for her yet.

He ran his fingers through her long hair, stroking the strands gently and then flipping them over her slender shoulder. Under the bright daylight, she was even more alluring, and it made his blood run hot with lust. He flicked his gaze to her flat belly, the belly that would soon be swollen with his jewel, his son, a future demon king. He noted the scar there to her right side just beneath her breast was quite prominent under the light. He brushed his finger across it, lightly caressing the mark of a healed wound from long ago.

Cecelia involuntarily gasped at his feathery touch as a delicious tremor coursed through her being.

He flicked his gaze to her and smiled. “You’re as sensitive as ever.”

Cecelia didn’t like his arrogant remark, nor did she like the smug expression on his face. “’Tis broad daylight, sire. Are you planning to—”

“Aye,” he said, touching her delicate chin.

“I refuse,” she said abruptly, brushing off his hand. Then before she lost all self-control under his masterful seduction, she shoved him back and rushed off his lap.

She wasn’t fast enough, and he caught her wrist again. With one fluid motion, he had her on her back and him on top of her. He chuckled, rather pleased at her retaliation.

“Playing hard to get again, are we? We both know where you’ll end up.”

Cecelia made an attempt to wriggle herself free. It was no use, as he was stronger, and the harder she struggled beneath him, the tighter he held on to her. It was made worse by the fact that he seemed to be rather enjoying toying with her.

Cecelia could feel him watching her, his hot, intense gaze burning her as he waited for her next move. Again, she struggled, letting out little grunting noises at the same time. He tightened his grip on her small wrists, squeezing her skin. She felt so helpless and at the same time, very frustrated.

He suggested, “Fight harder.”

This drew a glare from Cecelia, and he laughed. “Go on, little thief. Fight me.”

To encourage her retaliation, he tightened his grip on her even more, which shot pain through Cecelia, and she gritted her teeth. She responded with a growl. Then quick as lightning, surprising even Drake, she moved, opened her mouth wide, and snapped her teeth onto one of his hands that held her captive.

Drake watched, fascinated, as her small teeth sank deeper into his skin. Odd that he should enjoy the pain she was inflicting on him. He felt his heart pumping harder and faster, and his body—which was usually calm, collected, methodical, and to be sure, utterly immune to pain—buzzed with excitement. Blood began to ooze from his skin as he watched her, a smile creeping across his face, enjoying the moment tremendously.

Biting him for so long, her jaw would have to be sore by now, he thought. More blood ran from his injured flesh, and then he felt the pain. It slowly began eating at him. The slow, dull ache mixed with the burning pleasure was quite delicious and intoxicating.

Finally, he released her by pulling back his hand.

One hand freed, Cecelia made a move, her lips wet with his blood. She lifted her head and attacked Drake’s shoulder, sinking her teeth deep into his skin.

Drake was shell-shocked for a split second and then laughed softly. And here he thought she would have taken the opportunity to run off. Ah, but she really did surprise him, this mite of a human girl.

Cecelia didn’t know this demon king was enjoying her battle with him, and he was now gently embracing her, his large hand holding her at the nape of her neck as she ardently attacked him with her teeth.

Cecelia could taste his blood, salty and wet, in her mouth. She felt quite pleased with her small victory. Finally, very sure he would be begging for mercy now, she moved back. What she saw in his eyes the moment she faced him was nothing less than passion and hunger. Instantly, she felt her heart skip a beat and knew she was in trouble.

“My turn,” he said softly and crushed his lips against hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth.

Cecelia whimpered under his fervent kiss. She could taste his salty blood between them as their lips locked. Her body trembled weakly as he became wilder, thrusting and stroking his tongue vehemently inside her mouth, drawing her deeper into the darkness of his seduction. When he finally lifted his head, she was breathless and lightheaded from the experience.

He watched her as she tried to regain her sense.

“Don’t disobey your king again,” he said, fondly stroking her cheek with the backs of his fingers. Before she could respond to his arrogant remark, telling him he was not her king, he kissed her again.

He was softer this time, his lips warm and firm against hers, and suddenly, Cecelia felt herself lost. She couldn’t think. All she could feel was him—his warmth, his male scent, and his taste. She groaned, and Drake plunged his tongue deeper into her mouth.

Cecelia felt her core bursting as he played with her, wildly stroking her and exploring her. When he moved his head back, he continued his way down her throat. As he trailed lower to her breasts, Cecelia closed her eyes, losing herself once again to the seduction of the demon king.

* * * * *

A Demon’s Wrath: The Nine Kingdoms

A Demon’s Wrath

 A Nine Kingdoms Book Vol 1: Demons Series Book 1: Paranormal Fantasy Romance Series

Buy this Book: Amazon US | Amazon UKApple iBooks Barnes and Noble | Smashwords

2015 A Demon Wrath Book 1In order to save her mother’s life from a deadly poison, spirited Cecelia Van Zandt must retrieve the Pearl of Life, a powerful treasure that belongs to the fearsome demon king Drake McNamara. After begging her uncle for help to no avail and against her mother’s wishes, Cecelia disguises herself as a lad and leaves the safety of the palace to find the item that resides in the depths of the dangerous Demon Kingdom. When Drake saves her from impending death, she finds she is strangely attracted to him and beguilingly loses herself in his hot seduction.

 The formidable warrior Drake McNamara must save his nephew from the cruel human’s hands that cunningly kidnapped the boy. After a powerful vision, he and his comrades rescue his nephew and a young lad named Brian. Drake suspects Brian, who is in actual fact Cecelia, has a hidden agenda. When he finds her missing, along with his Pearl of Life, he unleashes his demonic wrath by raiding Dardania Kingdom, takes Cecelia as his prized prisoner, and promises her a dark, rapturous torment she richly deserves.

The Nine Kingdoms

9 kingdoms map-version2

WELCOME TO THE NINE KINGDOMS, a world where humans, angels, and demons lived side by side. A realm where revenge passed on from one generation to another, wars between kingdoms raged for centuries, treachery and loyalty merged into one gray line, and love could heal the wound of hatred.

Humans ruled seven of the kingdoms: Niveus to the north, Virdis to the northeast, Oriens at the east, Bellaria in the mainland, Meridianus in the south, Dardania to the west, and Unda in the middle, surrounded by sea.

Humans were the weakest of the creatures, though they were the majority. Yet those weakest in strength were also the most cunning, twisted, and evil of all. For centuries, they waged wars amongst their own kind, their hunger for more land and wealth never satisfied. They plotted and killed their own bloodline to claim the throne.

The angels ruled and lived upon the Sky Kingdom, residing on the floating islands above the air, and were highly respected and honored for their beauty, wealth, and power.

The demons ruled and lived in the prosperous and fertile island to the southwest and were both feared and hated for their limitless wealth and power.

Alas, they lived amongst one another as friends and as foes, and here, one of their many stories began.


The Rogue Series eBook Bundle – Historical Romance Series

So I’ve been working extra hard planning to get things done on time. But as always, I don’t usually work according to my plan. I’m very good at that, which I shouldn’t be. I think it’s just my resource star playing up again. If you don’t know what resource star is in bazi or four pillar of destiny term, it’s the star of laziness as well as the star of intelligent, emotions, feelings, comfort zone, and instinct etc. People who have an abundant of this star in their chart are usually very intelligent as well as lazy and also day-dreamy. I don’t have an abundant of this star, if you must know. Just enough.

Anyways, this is what I’ve accomplished in four hours Friday night straight after an eight hours work. A beautiful book cover that I’ve just learnt how to master. Hehe. This is what I do when I’m very tired and don’t want to think. This is what I do when my resource star comes in to play. The product is now the book cover for The Rogue Series Vol. 1, which is available on major online ebookstores.


The Rogue Series Vol. 1
A Historical Romance Series

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The Rogue Series V. 1


Free Highland Kiss eBook and excerpt of When the Sun Courts the Moon

So I’m kind of finally settling in the new flat now, which I’m sharing with my sisters, one of which is Wanitta Praks, who is also a romance author. Though I must admit she writes more of the funny contemporary romance while I write more of the drama type. And don’t tell her this, but I think she’s a better writer than I am. Shit! Now she’d never going stop smiling.
Since it is Waitangi Day, which is a public holiday here in New Zealand, I get time to update my blog as well as my website. Awesome. Even better, it’s a horrible weather type of day, even though technically it’s still summer. What do you expect? It’s Dunedin, New Zealand. Right now it’s gray, windy, and drizzling with rain. And now and again, howling with rain. Perfect! I’m in bed, still in my PJs, and writing. My room has a good view of the angry sea and sad white-gray sky beyond. In a minute or two, I’ll probably go to the kitchen and hunt for food to ease my hunger.
I am now happy to also announce that Highland Kiss, Kiwi Bride Series Book 2 is available to download for free from major online bookstores. Don’t miss it.

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Highland Kiss by Alexia Praks
What I thought I’d do also today is to give you a sneak peak of When the Sun Courts the Moon, which is a Kiwi Bride Series book 3. So Here’s the synopsis and excerpt.

NOTE: This is not yet professionally edit. So I do apologize for the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

When the Sun Courts the Moon by Alexia Praks

Order book from:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Apple iBook, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

After the death of her beloved grandmother, Chandra Chandler, known affectionately as Chan, and her two sisters move to Australia to escape their tormented past and build a better life. When a fortune-teller reveals to Chan she will fall in love with a man who is as bright as the sun, she dismisses the very idea as nothing more than hocus pocus. Love, she knows, is beyond her reach. But when the drop dead gorgeous Sam Harrington and his cute daughter waltz into her life, Chan’s world turns upside down. Sam draws her to him like a moth attracted to a flame with his good looks, charismatic personality, and kindness. Most of all, his warm gaze and gentle touches tempts her with the promise of hot seduction — a dangerous territory she is very afraid to enter yet longed to experience. And what about the handsome Jeremy Harrington who is courting her? The man who according to her fortune reading is destined to be her soul mate? Is her attraction to Sam nothing more than a short, hot, intense blaze? Or is it something more?
After the death of his wife from a freak accident, multibillionaire Sam Harrington is sick of women throwing themselves at his feet simply because they are attracted to his enormous bank account and good looks. When he accidentally bumps into a woman named Chan, he instantly knows she is different. He finds he is powerfully attracted to her, and to his surprise, overwhelmingly wants her. When he realizes Chan is dating his cousin Jeremy, he relentlessly courts her none the less, if only to get to know her better and be with her for a stolen moment. When he discovers that this strong, beautiful woman is broken inside and in danger of losing herself, he vows to protect and love her unconditionally. But does Chan wants to be loved and protected by Sam or Jeremy?


The delicate china felt warm against her palms, and Chandra Chandler, known to her few close friends and relative simply as Chan, smiled.
Tea? She was being served green tea. In this very hot weather? It was so like Grandma Su to serve her guests hot drinks, no matter what the weather.
Chan stared long and hard at the light steam rising from the cup towards her face, as though she was fascinated by it. It wasn’t long before she lost herself in her own thoughts again though. Instantly, she felt that dull pain piercing deep within her heart and the lost and the loneliness after losing her grandmother whom she lovingly called Grandma Lin. It will get better, she reminded herself. It will.
“Chan dear?”
Chan jilted back to reality when she heard a soft, gentle voice calling her name, a name which her beloved grandmother had given her because she was born at midnight during the full moon. The name Chandra, which pronounced Chun-druh or simply Chan which pronounced Chun, her grandmother had told her, means the moon in Cambodian.
“I’m sorry?” she queried the elderly woman sitting across from her.
Grandma Su glanced up, her dark eyes—full of wisdom and enlightenment—bored into Chan’s light brown ones.
“You’ve just lost another love one,” she said again. There was a hint of Khmer accent within her speech that Chan didn’t missed. Chan gave her a slight smile, her hands gripping tightly onto her cup of tea.
Yes, Chan had just lost another loved one. It was her grandmother from her mother’s side of the family whom she fondly called Grandma Lin. The kind, gentle ninety years old woman had passed on only three months ago from old age. There was only the three of them now; Chan and her two younger sisters, Dara who was twenty-three years old and Soriya who was twenty-one. Both their parents had died many years before their grandmother. Their mum had passed away from cancer when Chan had been eleven and their dad from a bunch of teenage-drunk-drivers when Chan had been seventeen.
“I’m so sorry to have turned up without informing you first, Grandma Su,” Chan said politely to her grandmother’s best friend whom she also called Grandma out of politeness. “She asked me to come and see you. She was quite persistent.” Chan chuckled a little at the reminder of the old woman’s stubbornness. She took another sip of the green tea. The warm, mild liquid soothed her, and she sighed pleasantly.
“It must be very hard for you and your sisters,” Grandma Su said. “Lin was my best friend. And now she has left me.” She sighed. “But for you, my dear, it is best you move on.” She placed her hand gently on top of Chan’s, a gesture of comfort.
“It’s hard,” Chan said, bowing her head. “But I am determined to move on.”
“Lin would be proud of you,” Grandma Su said. Then she placed her fingers under Chan’s chin and urged her face up slightly so that she could look at the young woman properly. Chan blinked, wondering why Grandma Su was examining her face so intensely. The old woman was staring at Chan’s smooth, round forehead, her brown eyes, tall straight nose, plum lips, and then chin.
“A beautiful face,” she said. “You’ve bloomed very late, Chan. Many bloomed at eighteen, you, you bloomed at twenty-five.”
Chan had to chuckle at Grandma Su’s remark since she had no idea what the woman was talking about. She knew for certain that she did not have a beautiful face, nor had she ever bloomed. She didn’t think she would ever bloomed at all, if she were a flower. And of course she wasn’t yet twenty-five, not until next month.
“A mix blood of yellow and white,” she said. “A lovely cherry blossom.”
At this point, Chan couldn’t really help herself and had to ask. “What are you talking about?”
“Hush, dear, I am reading your face,” she said. “Ah, a phoenix eyes and beautiful nose.”
Chan chuckled. “Thanks, I think,” she said. She didn’t ever think that her nose was ever beautiful.
“You’re entering a new phase in your life,” Grandma Su said with a note of concern. “It seemed there will be challenges.”
“Challenges?” Chan asked.
“Lin was concern,” Grandma Su said. “She asked me to read your fortune two years ago. That is why she insisted you come to see me.”
“But why?”
“Like I said, dear, she was concerned about you.”
“That I won’t move on?”
“That and many others. She worried about your future, Chan, about your career, your health, but especially about your future spouse.”
“But why?”
“You’ve spent all your time taking care of the family, but now it is time to take care of you. You’ll meet him. There will be challenges like I said, but relationship needs work, dear, so you must trust yourself. You must trust your heart. Your destiny does not define your future, it is you and your action that defines your future. Remember that, Chan. Of course I cannot tell you who he is, but I can tell you that he is out there, very bright, just like the sun. Yes, he is like the sun, a warm person who many adores and depends on.”
Grandma Su turned to look at Chan and cocked her head to one side, just like a small bird would, scrutinizing the young woman. “Ah, you will be a tiny thing standing next to him. He is a big man, Chan, this Sun Man of yours.”
Chan blinked. “I’m not exactly sure I understand what you’re talking about.” Though Chan said that, she had the distinct feeling that Grandma Su was talking about her possible future spouse.
Grandma Su laughed. “Ah, I see I have captured your interest. Do you want to know about your love life, Chan?”
Chan frowned. No. Not really. She glanced down, blushing a little.
Grandma Su noticed the blush and patted Chan’s hand. “Like I said, I cannot tell you who he is for I do not know myself. Of course you will understand, dear, once you’ve met him.” She chuckled again. “And very soon, too. Now then, come along, I will show you my vegetable garden.” She dismissed the subject with a wave of her hands and headed out the door.
Chan got up and followed the elderly woman, her thoughts still on the challenges ahead of her that Grandma Sue had mentioned. And of course, this future spouse of hers. But then she had already made up her mind to never marry or go into a relationship. It was just too toxic. Relationship is toxic. Love is toxic. And sex? Yes, that’s toxic, too. The worst come to think of it, and instantly, Chan felt her stomach knotted with that dread, that fear she always felt.
She felt herself shake uncontrollably. He’s not here, she told herself. You’re as far away from him as you can possibly be.
She calmed down and stepped into the beautiful sunshine outside behind Grandma Su.
“It’s good that you take time for yourself,” the woman said, nodding her head. “It will be a life-changing move, I assure you.”
Grandma Su was referring to Chan and her sisters moving to Australia. After all, there was nothing left for her and her two sisters in New Zealand now since their grandmother had died. Well, there were still Amie, their father’s second wife, and hence, their step-mother, and of course, Lisa, their step-sister. Perhaps she should stop thinking of Amie as their step-mother. After all, her father had already passed away years ago. And right now, Chan didn’t want to think about Amie and Lisa, because thinking about them always reminded her of how weak she was, of how she could never stand up to them. The results of their bullying and harassment never left her. She was always so conscious of herself, of the people around her, of how they’d judge her, like how Amie and Lisa judged her.
And then of course there was Dave, Lisa’s husband, the one she feared and hated most. The one who had whispered un-meaningful words of love to her, words of lies, words that made her feel sick.
She felt dizzy again thinking about him. She reminded herself, you are far, far away from him now. He won’t hurt you anymore. He can’t.
Chan said, “I know, Grandma Su. I know for a long time now that it’s time to get out.”
Grandma Su turned to look at Chan then, as if she understood the meaning of her words. In a way, Chan knew the woman knew because she was so wise, just like her grandmother who had known for a long time the torment of Chan’s secret. She had done her best to help Chan keep the people responsible at bay, and of course, to bring Chan out from her lonely darkness.
She stayed with Grandma Su for another hour, enjoying the sound of the woman’s light chatter as she was led about the large garden.
Once Grandma Su had given Chan some of her precious vegetables, mainly water spinach, cucumber, and pepper, Chan kissed her goodbye. When Chan returned to the house along Bay View Avenue she and her two sisters shared, the dilapidated house they had inherited from their father, a few hours later, she hit the shower immediately because she felt stuffy and was sweating like a pig. She hadn’t yet gotten used to the super-hot weather here in Australia, which was so much different from New Zealand where she used to lived.
She took her time, letting the cool water pounding down on her as she thought long and hard about what Grandma Su had told her this morning. The woman had been right. She needed to move on. Yes, most of her loved one had passed on, but that didn’t mean that she, too, had to pass on. She still had her sisters and her whole life ahead of her. Just look at her childhood friends Alexandra, Ruby, Nikita, and Isabella. They were enjoying their lives; traveling around the world and doing new things. Chan, unlike them, hadn’t yet experience what the world had to offer her. Now, more than ever, she wanted to experience, taste, and feel everything. And especially, she had to forget about Lisa, Amie, and Dave, the people who had hurt and tormented her.
She finally got out, wrapped herself in a fluffy, white towel and came to stand in front of the mirror. She stared at herself long and hard. She had to chuckle, wondering what Grandma Su saw in her that made her say she was beautiful. Her hair was a mixture of ash brown and dark blond, a rare thing for a mix-blood woman. Her eyes were brown, like the color of chestnut. Her skin was not too fair and not too dark but a nice light tanned color, and her nose, well, there was nothing special about it. Grandma Su had said it was a beautiful nose, and Chan wondered how it could be a beautiful nose when it wasn’t the type of nose that the current fashion favored. It wasn’t tall, small, and thin like most celebrity aspired to have with surgery. No, hers was slightly on the plump side though she must admit that it was quite elegant and pleasant to look at.
She quit examining herself and got dress quickly since she wanted to go to the Thursday night market along the beach. She had missed out last week because Soriya and Dara had insisted on doing a grand dinner to celebrate their first paycheck from their jobs. She must admit it had been pleasant and she had enjoyed it.
Because it was so hot today, Chan wore a short floral maxi dress. She had her long hair, un-brushed and still wet, down. It was her habit since brushing while still wet usually brake the strands. And last but least, she put on her makeup, light and neutral, and then she headed out.
The sun was just about to set when she got to the market, and there was people everywhere. Soon, she lost herself at the enthusiastic, entertaining sight before her and simply enjoyed herself. Now and again, she lift her camera and took loads of photos. That was when she saw a big crowd a few meters away from her, cheering and laughing excitedly that it was contagious.
“There are monkeys performing!” One of the boys ran pass Chan, nearly throwing her off balance. He was followed by a strings of his friends. Luckily, Chan moved back just in time before they could bowelled her over. She chuckled at their enthusiasm and began to click her camera away as they ran, taking shots of them in mid-action.
“Daddy! Daddy! I want to see!” Chan heard a sweet, little voice begged behind her.
Even this little girl, she thought adoringly, was interested. And why not? It’d be entertaining. So she headed after the boys to the crowd, and not long after, begged her way to the front where some of the boys posted themselves. In what appeared to be the center of the stage, two monkeys, wearing clowns costume, were performing some cool tricks. It was hilarious and cute to say the least. Chan kept taking photos after photos after photos. Suddenly, she felt a small being pushing herself against her legs.
“I can’t see! I can’t see!” the little voice muttered.
Chan heard a male chuckle, which was followed by, “Lilly, sweetheart, be careful.” The voice was timbre deep and resonant, and caused Chan’s body to tingle just a little. It was odd, and she told herself that it must be the cool breeze that was setting in for the night. Not a moment later, the little girl named Lilly appeared beside her. She was a small thing, wearing a pink sun dress and her dark hair was tied with a pink ribbon. She was struggling to stay in her claimed position because the boys behind her was too excited about the monkeys doing some fantastic kung fu moves to stay still. Chan noted that she was beginning to get a bit upset about the whole thing, and when she nearly fell forward, Chan caught her in time before Lilly hit the concrete.
Chan pulled Lilly into her arms, her heart hammering within her chest. “Are you all right?” she asked with concern.
The little girl tightened her grip on Chan. “I nearly fell,” she said, looking up at Chan.
Chan blinked as Lilly gazed at her. Good Lord! She was such a beautiful child, with rich black hair, dark brown eyes and petal-white skin. She was going to grow into a heart-breaker.
“Why don’t you stand there?” Chan said, positioning Lilly in front of her so that the boys won’t push her about.
“Thanks,” Lilly said, smiling up at Chan.
Chan returned the smile, and that was when she noticed Lilly waving to someone. Suddenly, Chan felt tingling sensation. She was aware of the warmth of a male body behind her, mere inches from her, and she could feel his warm breath above her. She tried to ignore him and the feeling of him so close to her, but it was impossible. When she couldn’t take it any longer, she crouched down beside Lilly.
“Look, the monkeys are dancing,” Lilly said excitedly. “I like dancing. It’s fun. Do you like dancing?”
Chan laughed. “I don’t know how to dance,” she told the little girl the truth.
“Why can’t you? It’s easy.”
Chan chuckled. “I’ve never learnt.”
“I can teach you,” she said honestly.
“It’s okay, I think I’ll survive without dancing,” Chan said, patting her cheek.
Shoot! Chan had just realized that she had touched this child without her parent’s permission. She hoped her father, the man behind her, won’t think of her as a child molester or worse report her to the police or something.
God, she could feel his gaze on her, intense and hot. Her stomach was fluttering and her heart was pumping like crazy. What was wrong with her?
She withdrew her hand from Lilly’s cheek to her side and turned her attention to the show before them. They continued to watch, and all the time, she was very aware of Lilly’s father behind her, and sometimes, his gaze on her. Of course, her heart never stopped racing, and neither could she concentrate on the show. Finally, it was over and a big applause followed.
“Thank, ladies and gentlemen,” the ring master said to the audience. “If you’ve enjoyed our little show, please do give donation.” He gave his tall, black hat to his dog. The canine took it between his teeth and obediently started heading around the crowd. When it came to stand in front of them, Chan put in five dollars. Lilly pet the black beast fondly. Then she looked rather upset when it moved away and even more so when she saw another little girl placing some golden coins into the hat. Chan realized that Lilly also wanted to give donation and looked as though she was about to cry. Chan couldn’t help myself and gave Lilly her other five dollar.
Lilly looked at her with large, adoring eyes, pleased. “Can I really?”
Chan just wanted to pinch her cheek. She was just too cute. But she couldn’t really because her father was just behind her, guarding his daughter like a mother hen. So she resigned to simply giving Lilly an encouraging nod and smile instead.
“Can I, Daddy?” she looked up to her father, her eyes large.
In a flash, he was on his knees beside them, and Chan’s heart started to jump into silly rhythm again. What was wrong with me? And damn! He was so near that she could feel the heat of his large body. She felt like a dwarf next him.
“Since the pretty lady is being very nice, yes,” he said smoothly. Chan hinted an American accent, and wondered if he and his family were here on holiday in the Gold Coast, like the majority of the people in Surfer Paradise.
“Thank you, Daddy,” Lilly said.
“What do you say to the pretty lady?”
Lilly turned to Chan and said, “Thank you, pretty lady.”
Chan laughed. “You can call me Chan.”
“Thank you, Ch … Chun … Chan?” she said, having a little difficulty pronouncing the name correctly. Then she proceed to take the five dollars.
She waited patiently for the dog to come back to her, and when it did, she petted the canine again and then placed the money into the hat. “You’re a very good pup,” she said.
By this time, the crowd had dispersed, and Lilly rushed up to her dad behind Chan, who still refused to take a good look at the man who was clearly interested in her. She was about to stand when her cell phone rang. She quickly searched for it in her bag as she got up. When she found it, which was as usual way at the bottom of the bag, she put it to my ear as she lifted her head.
“Hello?” she said as she stared at the massive brick wall of chest that belonged to Lilly’s father in front of her. He was wearing a pale blue shirt, the expensive type that men wore to the office. He had it parted at just the right spot, exposing a very enticing muscular tanned chest. Chan licked her lips, wondering why her heart was pounding so hard and her stomach was fluttering so badly.
As she listened to Amie verbally abusing her as to why she had resigned from her job in such short notice and why she and her sisters had moved away without telling her, Chan dreaded the moment when she finally have to meet Lilly’s dad face to face. She could feel that he was watching her intensely, patiently waiting for her to look up at him. Suddenly, she knew she just couldn’t do it. It was as though she couldn’t find the strength to lift her face just a little more so that her eyes could meet his.
Before she could stop herself, she turned around and walked away. She knew it was rude of her, but she felt as though she wasn’t ready to talk to people she didn’t know yet, especially this man who, oddly enough, fascinated her beyond believe. Why? She hadn’t even seen his face. But oh his voice. It was to die for, and she didn’t understand why she was attracted to him without even seeing his face. And his chest? Her palms itched and a liquid warm sensation coursed through her being.
Amie continued to tell Chan off as she headed further away from Lilly and her father.
“Bye, Chan,” Lilly’s voice drifted to her.
Chan just kept on walking, and in the distance, Lilly said, “Maybe she didn’t hear me.” The little girl sounded disappointed and sad, and Chan’s heart cried out for her. I’m sorry, Lilly, she said internally to herself. Why are you such a bitch, Chan? Why?
“She’s busy on the phone, sweetheart,” the dad said.
Chan took a deep breath, feeling her heart quivering.
“Chandra! Do you hear me? Do you know much work you’ve put me through, you irresponsible little piece of shit! You have to come back here and sort this all out.”
Chan took a big sighed and control the urge to tell her step-mother to go pissed off. Instead she said, “What more do you want, Amie? What more? I don’t have any more to give you. You’ve got everything that belonged to Dad.”
“Not everything, you bitch. Not everything. That house in the Gold Coast along Bay View Avenue, that belonged to Craig.”
“Yes it did belonged to him and my mother, and now it’s our; me and my sisters’, it’s under our name, it said so in Dad’s will.”
“Don’t patronize me, you bitch. Oh, I should have never taken you lot in after Craig died. And now look at what you do to me, you ungrateful piece of shit.”
“You’ve never looked after me and my sisters, Amie, Grandmother did. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other more important things to do. Good bye, Amie, and I hope to never hear from you ever again.”
Chan ignored Amie’s shout of outrage and shut the phone. She took another deep breath, and oddly enough, she could still feel Lilly’s father’s eyes on her even this far away.
Finally, after a few more deep breaths and throwing Amie out of her mind, she had the courage to turn around. From the great distance and though she couldn’t see their faces at all properly, Chan smiled and waved at Lilly, who was now sitting comfortably in her father’s strong, powerful arms. Lilly waved back, laughing. Then Chan shifted her gaze to the man who had taken her interest.
Good Lord! He was tall and muscular, and well, just everything that was the opposite of her. He looked as though he could take on the world and would come out the winner. He set her pulse racing and her heart fluttering, the likes she had never experience before. He was watching her, she could feel it, and then she wondered if she will ever see him again. She didn’t know, but life, as her grandmother had always said, is very unpredictable, but at the same time, very predictable. If you’re destined to meet someone, no matter how much you try to avoid him, you will still meet him, in the most unexpected way.

Awesome People: Sir Peter Jackson

This year, the year of 2015, I’m going to make it one of my goals to write more articles for this blog. This will help me learn bazi and understand how to write a more rounded charaters for my books, I will study and analyze awesome people and characters from books, anime, movies etc using bazi. First up is Sir Peter Jackson.

Before that, I will explain, for those who doesn’t know, what Bazi or four pillars of destiny is.

Most people think it’s weird for anyone to study bazi or four pillars of destiny when translated to English. Actually, the majority probably doesn’t even know what it is. Okay, simply because I’m a bazi enthusiast, and more importantly, it’s because I think personally it has helped me in a such a grand way to understanding myself, I shall endeavor to explain it here what it is and will continue to rant about it as to how one can use such a system/mathematic/fortune telling/astrology/whatever-you-call-it-that-helps-you-understand-yourself to analyze a person’s characteristics/personality. This is because I’m still a student in this very cool subject and want to have a deeper understanding, and in so doing, I will have greater clarity in writing my own characters, and ultimately, turning them into the awesomeness that they are in my books.

So bazi, or four pillars of destiny, is basically the study of one’s destiny from one’s birth chart. As the name implies, it has four pillars or palaces which accounts for, from right to left, the year, month, day, and hour of one’s birth date. Within the chart, there are two rows; the heavenly stems, which sit at the top, and the earthly branches, which sit at the bottom. This ultimately accounts for eight characters or palaces. Also within the earthly branches there are hidden stems. This means that every individual has a unique birth chart. But of course, if you happen to be born in the same year, month, day, and hour as a few others, then you’d have the same chart as those, but remember that bazi accounts for only 1/3 or 33.3% of your destiny, which is fixed/unchangeable. The other 33.3% is man luck, which is your action, and another 33.3% is your environment. This means even if you have the same birth chart as someone else, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same destiny, but that it depends on where you live (environment/Feng Shui) and your action. For example, if your chart says you can make a lot of money (common interest here), then if you are too lazy to start a business or work hard, you ain’t gonna get rich – man luck. Of course it also accounts on where you do the business as well as certain countries have better economic than others – environment.

Okay, so my very first character/personality analysis, as to demonstrate, is Sir Peter Jackson, the awesome film director of The Lord of Ring and The Hobbit Trilogy. Why? Because he is a fellow kiwi, an artist of the greatest kind, and just oozes magic with his ability to make films.

Okay, Sir Peter Jackson was born, according to my good friend the greatest resource that ever exist on the internet – Wikipedia, on the 31 October, 1961. Unfortunately, we don’t have his time of birth and so we can only analyze 75% of his chart.

Here is Peter Jackson’s bazi chart.

Peter Jackson Bazi

In bazi, the Day Master (DM) is the most important and focal subject in which everything that exists and interacts within the chart will always be referred back to. DM is basically you and how you present yourself to the outside world. And Ding Fire is Peter Jackson’s DM. Ding Fire is the fire of the candle. It is beautiful and illuminate bright within the darkness of the night, thus it is better for a Ding Fire DM to be born at night. Ding Fire people are natural born leader and have the ability to rise to great occasion. They are meticulous, detail-orientated, and sentimental. Sometime though, just like the flame of the candle, they can be fickle.

Now let us look at Peter Jackson’s chart and see if we can analyze his character/personality/outlook to the world. Remember also that I am merely a bazi student, and therefore, my analysis is at most very basic and must be taken with a grain of salt. Hehe. I’m no expert at this, but the subject interests me vastly, and I cannot help myself.

Anyway, Peter Jackson is a Ding Fire (Yin Fire) Day Master born in the season of Autumn, as determined by the month earthly branch palace of Xu Dog. In autumn metal is prosperous. Thus Peter Jackson’s metal element is strong, and metal in this natal chart represent wealth, both the direct wealth (geng meal) and indirect wealth (xin metal).

In the heavenly stems, there are two elements; wu earth and xin metal. Wu earth represents Peter Jackson’s output star, specifically the Hurting Officer star, and xin metal represent his Indirect Wealth star. What appears in the heavenly stems represent the person’s outer personality/character. This is the personality that you see when you first meet the person or when you know the person for a short period of time. It is at most very weak and doesn’t not represent the person’s true personality.

In Peter Jackson’s case, he is an extrovert, out-going, generous person who is highly intelligent and inventive with a good business acumen.

For a better understanding of a person’s true character, we look at the earthly branches as chi there is stronger and we also look at the dominant character which means that the stars appear in the heavenly stem and is rooted in the hidden stem.

Here are the stars within the earthly branches: Direct Wealth (geng metal), Indirect Wealth (xin metal), Friend (ding fire), Hurting Officer (wu earth), Eating God (ji earth) and 7 Killing (gui water). Note that his dominant characteristics are the Indirect Wealth star as represented by the xin metal, which is strong due to the season of birth as well as rooting and Hurting Officer star because it is rooted.

Because I’m still a learner, I’m going to list the characteristics for each here:

Direct Wealth: Responsible, reliable, hard-working, modest, practical, trustworthy, conservative
Indirect Wealth: Generous, sharp business acumen, natural entrepreneurial, multi-taskers, big picture type
Friend: Good sense of self-pride and self-worth, possess will-power, optimistic, positive outlook
Hurting Officer: Outgoing, extrovert, street smart, talkative, highly intelligent and inventive, influential and persuasive through the power of speech or ideas or thoughts
Eating God: Gentle and reserve, introvert, great strategists, an eye for details, meticulous, perfectionist, artistic and creative and gourmands
7 Killing: Authoritative and commanding presence, charismatic, decisive, fearless, and highly ambitious

So Peter Jackson is an extrovert, outgoing, generous person who is highly intelligent and inventive with a good business acumen. He is highly ambitious with strong leadership skill, very creative with lots of out of the box ideas as well as a perfectionist and hard-worker. Well, what do you expect, he’s a director and directors are artists. These people usually have very good quality output stars, which are the Hurting Officer star (the performer) and Eating God star (the backstage/unseen artist). With their creative ideas, they can make magic happens, and in so doing, create great wealth for themselves and those around them, as in bazi, output element produces wealth element. In this case, earth produce metal. In Peter Jackson’s chart, both his output stars and his wealth stars are strong, so as expected, his films are just amazing, and well, his wealth comes from that, isn’t it? And oh, did I mention that he’s a perfectionist and has great attention to detail as represented by both the output stars? Yep, wiki mentioned it as well.

“Jackson is known for his attention to detail, a habit of shooting scenes from many angles, a macabre sense of humor, and a general playfulness – the latter to the point where The Lord of the Rings conceptual designer Alan Lee jokingly remarked ‘the film is almost incidental really’. Jackson was a noted perfectionist on the Lord of the Rings shoot, where he demanded numerous takes of scenes, requesting additional takes by repeatedly saying, ‘one more for luck’.”

Hum… The perfectionist bit remind me of someone I know. LOL! Yeah, she’s the one writing this very blog right now. Oh Eating God star, why must thou be so strong in thy chart?

Gosh, I’m tired just analyzing this. Time to go get some food to eat. LOL! The Eating God within me :P




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