Dark Billionaires Series Vol. 1- Chained to You: Bounded Release

Hey, guys. So it’s finally here. May 24th is the released date for Chained to You: Bounded. I hope you guys are excited. This new series is dark, hot, and definitely sexy. A word of caution. This series isn’t like my Falling for Sakura and Kiwi Brides Series where they are sweet, funny, and heartwarming with a sense of fairy-tale taste to them. The Dark Billionaires Series is dark and deals with the human conditions. I can’t say any more than that most of the main characters in the series have shitty past and they do their best to come to terms with. But of course, the series is a romance and will mostly deal with the romantic relationship between the heroes and heroines. And yes, lots of steamy, sexy scenes where you’d wonder what the hell is wrong with this author and why she’d write stories like that.

Dark Billionaires Vol. 1 – Chained to you: Bounded is available on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Google, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Chained to You Vol 1 - Bounded

Here’s what Dark Billionaires Vol. 1 – Chained to You: Bounded is about.

Dark. Powerful. Dangerous.
James Maxwell is a billionaire elite who rules Las Vegas City with an iron fist.

You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract.

These are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing. I want to refuse his proposal, but how can I? My brother owes him two million, and as dirt poor as we are, there’s no way we can find that much money to repay him. What’s worse, I think I’m falling in love with the man who thinks I’m just his mistress.

My name is Mia Donovan, a twenty-two-year-old, small town girl working as a kitchen hand to make ends meet. My world is changing—both for the better and worse. James Maxwell, a gorgeous billionaire with beautiful Prussian blue eyes, is the man behind this. He makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. When he kisses me, my world melts into a pool of exotic sensation. But his world is dark and dangerous, and being with him is a risk both to my life and my sanity.

This is our story.

Chained to You: Bounded Excerpt
First Meeting


An angry, long, loud beep blared from the distance. Tires screeched against asphalt. I lifted my head, and my eyes rounded with dread. Panic seized me the moment I saw the car heading toward me. I reacted by staggering back, just in time, as the vehicle came to a sudden halt inches from me.

I fell on my backside, my heart pumping loud and fast. I was still paralyzed with fright when the door of that expensive car opened. Shiny black shoes landed on the pavement, followed by clean black trousers.

I watched, suddenly fascinated as that pair of shoes came my way. They stopped right in front of me, as if waiting patiently for me to lift my head. And I did. My eyes slowly drifted up to the long legs trousers and then to the slim waist and expensive-looking pale-blue shirt and dark jacket, and then… My breath was taken away the moment my eyes met his.

Strong, aquiline nose, deep-set eyes, prominent jawline, and dark hair—this was the type of face found in fashion magazines. The male models in ads for perfume and expensive suits. The type that was out of my reach. The rich, expensive type that every girl drooled over and dreamed of dating.

He was the type that scared the shit out of me, and he was doing so right now. My breathing became shorter and faster. At that moment, I just wanted to run. My legs, however, seemed to have become numb, and I couldn’t command them to move.

The handsome stranger made my condition worse by coming down to one knee. I was surprised he actually allowed those expensive, clean trousers to touch the dirt.

When he faced me, I swallowed.

Prussian blue. The color of his eyes. Dark yet bright, with an ominous feel to them. A shade of blue that had fascinated me since I was a child. It was the shade of the sky I’d seen when I opened my eyes that day many years ago, my whole body aching in agony and my bones broken. The sound of sirens and people shouting, asking me if I was all right. I’d never been all right. I was dying from a car accident. And they asked me, a child of twelve, if I was all right.

I flicked my mind back to the present, to the man in front of me, and bit my dry lip. I subconsciously licked them—a mistake. His Prussian blue eyes drifted to my lips, and suddenly, my whole body reacted in a way it had never reacted before.

It flared with heat and delicious sensation coursed through me, making me almost breathless. I was trembling more fiercely than I had when I’d thought the car was going to hit me. My whole body trembled beneath his stare, at the sudden electrical sparks that charged and pulsated between us.

He narrowed his eyes—against the glare of the sun or a knowing sign, I didn’t know which. When he grinned at me, one that would take any girl’s breath away, I knew it was the latter. He was way too handsome for my peace of mind. It was a crime for such a man to exist. He was too much.

“Are you all right?” he asked, his voice timbre deep.

A thrill rushed down my spine. I tentatively nodded and wished he’d just up and go.

He didn’t, which both angered and pleased me at the same time. At that moment, I didn’t understand my own feelings. Yes, I wanted him to leave me alone, but at the same time, I didn’t want him to go.

He surprised me by wrapping one large, strong hand over my arm. I jolted at the touch, and my whole body went into a frenzy of sensation, a whirlwind of heat.
* * * * *


James POV

James came to stand before her, concerned she might be hurt. Slowly, he watched her drift her gaze up his legs and then finally to his face. The moment he saw her fully, his gut churned into a delicious twist of sensations. Large, frightened eyes gazed up at him. Her face was flushed and delicately pretty. Long, tangled braided hair rested haphazardly over one shoulder. The longer he looked at her, the more he was convinced he’d seen her somewhere before. Then it hit him! Andy Donovan. Fucking hell! She looked like Andy Donovan. This had to be his sister.

He couldn’t believe Andy’s sister was this young. She didn’t look much older than twenty. Her email suggested otherwise, though. Short and to the point with a no-nonsense fucking about the bush way. From the email, he thought she was in her late thirties, armed with two million dollars.

He was wrong. He knew the moment he met her eyes this girl didn’t have two hundred dollars in her wallet, just like her brother.

Crouching down to one knee, he looked closely at her. Then she had to go and lick her lips. His gaze was drawn to the glistening plump flesh, and a surge of desire rushed through him. Oh shit! Not a good first impression. Nothing good was going to come out of this. The girl looked like she needed a good ravishing, on those lips and maybe a lot of other places on her body.

To distract himself, he asked, “Are you all right?”

When she didn’t respond, he wrapped one hand over her arm. Electrical sparks charged between them, and he felt the wind knocked out of him. Sparks!

Fuck! He felt sparks for Andy Donovan’s sister.

His hand tightened on her slender arm as he felt a sudden, overwhelming yearning rush through him. He slammed down the urge as quickly as it came. Slowly, he guided her up, his gaze hot on hers. Then he took a step back, refusing to think about the attraction that was slowly inching its way back to the surface.
* * * * *

Dark Billionaires Vol. 1 – Chained to you: Bounded is available on  Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Google, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Mita, Your Housekeeper (Kaseifu no Mita)

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about this awesome Japanese drama for ages, but you know, I have been just too plain lazy to do it. Now, that’s not a good way to increase one’s blog content, right?

So here I am, going on about Mita, Your Housekeeper. As mentioned above, this is a Japanese family drama. Just a side note, people, when I watch Japanese TV series (or Korean, Chinese, American or the UK for that matter), I mainly watch mystery and thrillers even though I am a romance writer. I have no idea why I don’t watch romance anymore, which I used to binge watch years ago. I think mainly because they suck big time nowadays, with the exception of a fair few. Personally, I think Korean, Chinese, and Thai drama concentrate too much on how beautiful the actors/actresses look on screen that they forgot about the story, which is the main reason why anyone watch TV series in the first place. People (or at least I) get pulled in because of the story, not how good-looking the actors/actresses are. Asian entertainment industries, especially Thai, let actors/actresses take the important roles for a really good drama and then screwed it all up because the freakingly good-looking actors/actresses can’t act and convey the story to the audience to save themselves. And of course, this annoys me. I want a good story, people, with great acting. Not wasting my time watching beautiful, clueless people who can’t act doing stupid things that has no meaning to the story line. Okay, I’m not going to rant any more about that here. Maybe in another post.

Let’s carry on with Mita, Your Housekeeper. As I mentioned above, this is a family drama, people, and it is awesome. The acting was amazing and the story line was simply wonderful. I haven’t watched a TV series where I cried my eyes out like a maniac for ages, if ever at all. But this one? This one got me hard and wouldn’t let me go.

How I found this awesome story? I found Mita, Your Housekeeper whilst browsing through KissAsian for a good mystery to watch (after exhausting all of the thrillers and crime department ^_^). Of course I found later that Mita, Your Housekeeper wasn’t really a mystery, though it is listed under that genre.

The story revolves around the Asuda family who still grieves over their mother’s death. The father hired a housekeeper, Mita, to take care of the cooking and house cleaning etc. Of course Mita, cold and distant, will do anything the family members (father, two sons, and two daughters) ask of her to do, even committing a murder. Yeah. You read it right. Hehe. It’s murder, people. MURDER! I like that word. That was why I started watching it. What better a mystery than a housekeeper who is willing to commit a murder for the family because she considered it is part of her job? Muahahahaha.

*Clear throat* All right, carrying on. Needless to say, I was tuned in right from the get go. I love the children. They are such good actors/actresses. I’m sure they have a great future ahead of them in real life where their acting careers are concerned. I loved the youngest, Kii Asuda (played by Miyu Honda), who is six years old. I loved how she questioned every word she didn’t know and how she’d do anything to get the family back together. She made me smile with delight at her cuteness, cried for her when she cries, cheered for her when she plans out her own kidnapping in order to get her family back together. Gosh! This is what I call great acting, people. Go watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course the three older siblings are awesome as well. They steal the scenes from their dad, who is to me more of a background to the kids and Mita. Okay, let’s talk about Mita, the housekeeper. She has a tragic past, hence the no talking, distant and cold attitude thing. I understand where she’s coming from. I feel her pain, and that is because of her excellent acting (unlike most beautiful Thai, Korean, and Chinese actresses who can’t bloody act but get the parts anyway because you know…).

All right. I’m not going to spoil everything by ranting what’s happening in the story here. In conclusion, if you like family drama, cute kids, good-looking boy (yeah, the oldest son is definitely good-looking and will grow up to be one of the hottest Japanese actors), a little mystery, and of course, a story that’ll make you cry your eyeballs out, then go watch Mita, Your Housekeeper, because it is simply awesome.

Right, that’s all from me. Here’s where you can go and watch Mita, Your Housekeeper – KissAsian.  

When the Sun Courts the Moon


Okay, this is when I say to myself, “Holy Crap!”

Moments before this profanity flew out of my mouth this was what I was doing. I was in my own world, smiling and gushing with delight, playing the scene of Chandra Chandler (nickname Chan) being kissed by hot billionaire Sam Harrington in the kitchen whilst everyone else was having a blast outside. It’s a barbeque birthday party for Sam’s adorable daughter Lilly. So the kissing scene? I think I might swoon myself. And damn it was all in my head. So anyway. Typed, typed, typed… Giggled, giggled, giggled… Eyes flicked to the word count below.

“Holy Crap!”

Yep. The word count has already exceeded 55,000 words. That’s already a novel, and I’m only just about halfway. Then I thought to myself, ‘Oh Man! Was what I have been pouring out happily onto word doc to form When the Sun Courts the Moon all rubbish? A piece of garbage. Damn, the editing is so going to cost a lot. What if it’s going to be a bad book? But I’m so excited about the story. Yes, it might be different than all my other ones. And yes, Wanitta said it’s taking too long for the Main Characters (MCs) to actually meet. But wait a minute. I won’t know if I don’t try, right?’ (Okay, people, just thought I’d tell you that I talk to myself a lot in my head). ‘Just look at Sleepless in Seattle. The MCs don’t even meet until the end, and it’s still an awesome story.’

Right! Decision made. I don’t care if the book flopped. I don’t care if no one wants to read it. I’m just starting out as a romance author. I won’t know if I don’t try. And thus part 2 of When the Sun Courts the Moon is formed ^_^

Hurray! So here’s the scene I’ve written. Please excuse my grammars, punctuation, and spellings mistakes. It is a first draft, after all, and has not been edited professionally yet. Anyway, here goes ^_^

2016 When the Sun Courts the Moon Part 1 V3

In the kitchen, Chandra managed to be alone. She was leaning on the bench-top, sipping a glass of iced cold coke as she stared into space. In the distance, she could hear sounds of laughter and conversations. Everyone was outside, having a wonderful barbeque lunch.

She smiled. God, she hadn’t had one like this for ages, since her mom had passed away, in fact. It had been great thus far today, and she felt elated. Simply just elated to be a part of this joyful time, to be with her sisters and friends, to be with… Sam and Lilly and Jeremy.

There, she admitted it. She was happy to be a part of Sam and his family.

Chan was so deep in her own thoughts that she didn’t hear someone coming in through the door and heading her way. The manly body leaned forward over her and whispered, “So this is where you are.”

Chan jumped at the voice caressing her ear. Warmth of a male body enveloped her whole being, and she felt weak with delight. She blinked, her heart racing. She slowly turned round and found herself being trapped between the bench and the handsome man before her, only inches away from her. God, she could feel his warm breath on her skin, and their faces were so close that they could be kissing.

“Hi,” she said and then licked her lip. Her gaze was on his face, switching between his warm brown eyes and his lips. Oh God! She had the sudden urge to kiss him. What was wrong with her?

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked. He couldn’t keep the smile away. Damn, but he had been seeking time alone with her since she had arrived that morning. And now was that perfect time. He wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

Chan licked her lip again. “I was just…” Shit! She couldn’t think. What was wrong with her? “I was just… taking time out.”

“Thanks for helping,” he said. “You don’t know how much it means to me and Lilly.”

“No problem,” she said, moving back a bit to get some space. Her backside hit the bench.

Sam moved forward, refusing to leave any spare space between them. They were nose to nose and lips to lips when he said, “That satay meat was delicious.”

Chan smiled. “I…” She licked her lip again.

Sam’s attention was drawn there, and he thought, yes, they looked delicious all right.

“I made up the recipe myself,” she said. “You know, just alter a bit from the traditional.”

“That’s very creative,” he said, his eyes turning dark with desire the longer he gazed at her lips. “And did I tell you it was delicious?”

Chan nodded. “Yes, you—”

She didn’t finish. Sam cut her short by pressing his lips against hers.

The moment he started kissing her, Chan felt herself melting into him. She groaned out in pleasure as his warm lips expertly caressed hers.

“Ngh…” she groaned, her heart fluttering in wonderful sensations whilst her whole body buzzed with delight.

Sam expertly slipped his tongue in between her lips and invaded her mouth.

Chan groaned and shuddered.  “Nnghh…”

Sam continued his exploration of her mouth, his tongue wildly and passionately caressing and stroking her, making her tremble in longing and her core to ache in wonder.

She clutched to him for dear life as he went wilder, making her mindless. In her mind’s eyes, she was in heaven. In her mind’s eyes, she was in paradise with Sam Harrington.

Sight. Smile. Me. Still gushing with delight. You, my dear readers, stay tune for my next blog post and waiting impatiently for When the Sun Courts the Moon to come out. It’ll be in May. ^_^


Dark Billionaires: Chained to You Serial Update

As always, when I plan to do something, it goes haywire. Yes, my dear readers, my attempt at releasing Chained to You serial this month has hit a brick wall. Yikes! Chained to You Vol. 1: Bounded was meant to be released this March 30th, but unfortunately, things got delayed, and now the release date is April 25th.

I’m really sorry guys. I know you’re really looking forward to reading it. Of course I don’t expect anything to go smoothing for me this year, as with quite a few numbers of people I know. Bing Shen (Fire Monkey), despite popular believe that it’s an awesome monkey king, isn’t nice to me. Okay, so it’s there that I go rampaging about bazi once again. You see, the Shen Monkey clashes with the Si Snake in my month as well as day pillars! Yikes! Month pillar represents my career and day pillar represent my immediate family. So as you can see, lots of drawbacks in those areas. Double whammy. So yes, things will not go smoothing according to plan where my work is concerned. Not to mention the fact that the Shen Monkey (metal element) will hinder my Si Snake (fire element) which represent my output as in works and products. See? Lots of drawback where my writing is concerned.

Anyways, on to the good news then. Chained to You: Bounded is now up for pre-order on Barnes and Noble, Google, and Kobo, which weren’t available before.

Chained to You Vol 1 - Bounded

iBooks | B&N | Google | Kobo | Smashwords

Ah, and did I mention that coming in April my most anticipated anime is airing? LOL! Oh God! I cannot wait for it to start. If you guys haven’t yet already know, I’m an anime fanatic. Yes. Indeed I am. I love anime. I binged watch anime. And read manga and books. If you guys haven’t yet already know, I am also a Yaoi fan. I love Yaoi. I adore Yaoi.

What is Yaoi? It’s basically Boys Love. Yes, I admit that I like reading boys love manga and watching boys love anime. And this one that is coming in April is indeed boys love. It’s called Super Lovers. Although I must admit it is more Shounen Ai than Yaoi. Shounen Ai is what I’d call “clean and wholesome,” boys love.

All right, enough ranting on about book release relay and boys love anime. Time to get back to writing.

Stay tune for my next blog post ^_^

Book Release Delay: CHAINED TO YOU – BOUNDED

Hey, guys. So this is going to be like a bad news post, especially for those who are looking forward to reading the first volume of Chained to You. I’m so sorry to say that the book is going to be delay. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the release date is now March 30th instead of March 18th.

Once again, I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenient. The book is up for pre-order on Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble. Google and Kobo will be available for pre-order next week while Amazon and Smashwords will be available to buy on the release day.

What is Chained to You about?  Here’s the blurb for the book.

You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract.

These are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing. I want to refuse his proposal, but how can I? My brother owes him two million, and as dirt poor as we are, there’s no way we can find that much money to repay him. What’s worse, I think I’m falling in love with the man who thinks I’m just his mistress.

My name is Mia Donovan, a twenty-two-year-old, small town girl working as kitchen hand to make ends meet. My world is changing—both for the better and worse. James Maxwell, a gorgeous billionaire with beautiful Prussian blue eyes, is the man behind this. He makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. When he kisses me, my world melts into a pool of exotic sensation. But his world is dark and dangerous, and being with him is a risk both to my life and my sanity.

This is our story.

Chained to You Vol. 1 - Bounded

Dark Billionaires Series: Chained to You Vol. 1 – Bounded by Alexia Praks

Chained to You is a contemporary/new adult romance that is quite dark with lots of steamy scenes. The story is written in first person POV via Mia Donovan and third person via James Maxwell. You can download the teaser novella here.

Okay, next post will definitely be something good ^_^

My End of 2015 Accomplishments

It’s been ages since I’ve done a blog post, and I thought I have better do one before the year ends. And of course, what better topic to muse about than what I’ve accomplished thus far, writing wise, since the beginning of 2015?

First off, I’m going to talk about bazi (four pillars of destiny) and how that interacts with my life in 2015, writing wise of course, and some other things I thought I’d share with you guys, my dear readers.

As we all know, 2015 is the year of Yi Wei. English translation, it is the year of the Yin Wood Earth Goat, Yi being the yin wood such as small plants/flowers and Wei is the earth goat. See, not so hard, right? Haha. Now when talking and interpreting bazi, it’s all about the elements or chi. Nothing to do with the actual elements. We’re talking about chi or energy of the stars here. The yin wood is obviously a wood element whilst the goat is an earth element. Below is the annual pillar of 2015.

2015 bazi year pillar

As you can see straight away the pillar is dry. Not a freaking drop of water anywhere in this year pillar. Just a whole lot of wood, some dry earth (Wei Goat is the last of the summer season so the earth is very dry), and of course a little fire (as in a little candle flickering somewhere that no one cares about).

My own bazi chart is very dry, being born in the season of summer (Si Snake month which is May). What my chart needs most is Gui Water (Rain Water). So the very dry 2015 is no help to me inspiration to write wise, as gui water represents my resource, and recourse, among other things, represents inspiration, knowledge etc. When those inspirations do come, which is during the water month of November represented by the Hai Pig, it got clashed away by my Si Snake pillars. Yes, I’ve got two of those nasty things in my bazi chart. How inconvenient.

Si Snake and Hai Pig is a clash. What does this mean? Basically, it just means that when I got the inspiration to write as in my brain is bursting with ideas, I just don’t have time to write because of time committed to something else, and that something else is work, as the Si Snake, which is a ding fire, represent my output star.

Now let’s talk about that Yi Wood. As you can see from the annual luck pillar of 2015, the yi wood is rooted. This means that the Yi Wood appears both in the heavenly stem (top) and the earthly branch (bottom) as a sub-chi. When an element is rooted, it means that particular element is strong and it is for all to see. Yi Wood to me is my self-element. But because my chart already has strong wood element, thanks to the Rob Wealth star, I don’t need any more of that particular element to over-tip my chart. Balance is everything in bazi. The overly strong yi wood turns into a Rob Wealth star and expresses all of its bad quality. Meaning? You guess it. Rob Wealth. I just spent a freaking lot of money, unforeseen ones, of course. Note: If you see a year when your strong Rob Wealth Star is coming, be prepared to lose/spend lots of money. LOL!

Despite the mental, emotional, and physical roller-coaster from last year, which carried on up until the middle of this year and then me trying to recover from all that shit for the last couple of months, I did manage to complete and self-published two books this year; A Demon’s Wrath (A Nine Kingdoms Books) and A Secret Proposal Part 1 (Book 2 of the Falling for Sakura Trilogy). I’m currently writing A Secret Proposal Part 2, When the Sun Courts the Moon, and Chained to You. Will keep you guys posted when they will be released in 2016 ^_^


Books Released in 2015

Books Currently Writing and Will be Released in 2016

A Secret Proposal Part 2

A Secret Proposal Part 2

When the Sun Courts the Moon - A Kiwi Bride Novel

A Secret Proposal Part 2

Chained to You Vol.1

A Secret Proposal Part 2


Regardless of all the shit in ones’ life, one must keep on living and move on. Hence, here’s my take on me in 2016.

2016 is the year of Bing Shen. In English translation, it is the year of Yang Fire (the fire of the sun), Metal Monkey.

2016 bazi

Personally, I don’t like seeing a monkey. Monkey destroys the Shi Snake (two in my pillars) and harm the Hai Pig, my precious water. But at least Shen Monkey and Si Snake also form a combination that results in gui water. But the usefulness of that precious element is questionable in my case.

Regardless, what can I expect of the year 2016? Shen, its main chi is Geng Metal (large metal such as swords and axes), represent my Direct Officer star. Girls, remember that a Direct Officer star is your true spouse/husband star. If you see it in your 10 year luck pillar or the annual pillar, be prepared to meet lots of possible suitors. Of course, Geng Shen only represents a Direct Officer star (husband) to a Yi Wood female and a 7 Killing (boyfriend) to a Jia Wood (Big tree) female.

In my case, because of all the other shits (clash, destruction, harm etc.) in my chart, that spouse thing ain’t going to happen yet, and I’m not thinking about it right now. Personal choices. See? That other 33% that controls your destiny. Your choices and your action. Kapow! Awesomeness! I consider personal romance too much time wasting at the moment. Furthermore, with the destruction between the Shen Monkey and Si Snake, romance wise, it is a situation when the romantic relationship has a good start and a bad finish, with of course, a whole lot of emotional shit involves. NOTE: Emo Roller-Coaster Rides with lots of ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs. Well, you get the idea. Emotional shit because of the water element that is produced between the two star signs when combined. Water element represents your emotion/comforts etc. Of course personally, I have more important things to think about and concentrate on.

Direct Officer for me for 2016, I think is more of a concentration/discipline to do my work, and of course, career advancement. Also with the strong fire element, indicating that my output will be quite good as well. With the help of the resource (water produced from the combination of Shen and Si), I’m hoping that my inspiration to write will be up there, too.

So to sum up? I both look forward and not looking forward to 2016. I know for certain that 2016 will be a big change for me, and certainly, will be very different indeed in term of lifestyle. Actually, I’ve already put forward and initiated that changes. Very well, we shall see how I will fair in 2016. Of course I will keep you guys posted.

Wish me luck ^_^

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Shitty Saturday, Great Sunday, and FREE When the Sun Courts the Moon: First Date ebook

Today is just one of those beautiful Spring Sunday, and I just feel the need to chillax, and at the same time, get something done, even if it’s just writing and updating my blog. Today is indeed completely different from yesterday, which was f**kingly rubbish (please excuse my German). I just feel the need to express how bullshit my day was yesterday and how little I got done, if any at all.

I was so exhausted from work on Friday night that I actually went to bed at 9:30 pm. LOL! That’s really early for me. I slept until 10 am the next day, which was Saturday. I had breakfast and then fell asleep again. I was that exhausted. I felt like an 80 year-old lady. I got up again at around 2:30 pm, mucked around finding lunch and eating it, and then collapsed in bed again. By this point I was so pissed with my exhaustion that I started a swearing fit—in my head of course. I was even too tired to utter the damn swear words out loud.

Sometime later, still in bed and still in my PJs, I got tired of swearing in my head too and started reading manga. I needed something to make me feel happy again, and of course, nothing is better than some cute yaoi. If you don’t know what yaoi is, it’s boys love, people. It’s male x male romance. So go ahead. Judge me. I don’t give a shit!

Super Lovers by Abe Miyuki is so super awesome. I’ll admit I cried on the inside after the last updated chapters. Of course I did my best hunting for the next installment. No such luck, of course. Then I went ahead and listened to the Drama CD. The main character, Ren, was voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi (hyperventilating with excitement). Kamiya-san is super awesome. Love. Love. Just love his voice. I simply wanted to hear him as Ren do some awesome hot voice acting scene with Morikawa Toshiyuki as Haru.

Super Lover Super Lovers 2 Super Lovers 5009

Kamiya-san is one of my top ten favorite Japanese seiyuu (voice actor). He’s currently in Noragmai: Aragoto as the main character Yato, a super awesome down on his luck minor god. And of course, everyone knows him as the great kick-ass, clean-freak captain Levi in Attack on Titian. Furthermore, the twins Shima and Aki are voiced by Ono Daisuke and Jun Fukuyama respectively. Both are also my top favorite voice actors.

Attack on Titan: Captain Levi

Attack on Titan: Captain Levi

Noragami: Aragato

Noragami: Aragato

Noragami: Aragato

Noragami: Aragato

You can read Super Lovers here on Kissmanga and listen and watch/read the manga from this blog. I actually stumbled on this blog while searching for the said Drama CD. Hehe. Please note that voice actors for Ren are different between childhood and grown up. As a child, Ren is voiced by Sanpei Yuuko and grown up by Kamiya-san. To listen to part 13, which is when Kamiya-san as Ren comes out, go here.

On with today then. Yes, today is much better than yesterday. I got up early with a sense of refreshment. I guess it took me one whole day to get over my end of week exhaustion. It’s been happening a lot lately. That’s why I couldn’t get any writing done. I so fucking hate that.

Anyway, got the camera out and took loads of photos. Who would have guessed my sisters and I have moved into this old house with massive Sakura trees surrounding us. Not I! Even had a late lunch sitting outside admiring the beautiful flowers. Hehe. You could say I had a Hana Viewing. Lucky me. I felt like I was with the Princeton brothers. LOL! As if.

A few photos to show off.
Yes, these are the Sakura trees around my rented home ^_^

Alright, enough complaining about my sucky life. Let’s get down to business. The good news is that I’ve managed to complete some chapters of When the Sun Courts the Moon, got it edited by my awesome editor Cassie (thanks, Cassie), and viola. The first nine chapters are up to download for FREE on the Apple iBooks store. So go ahead, get a copy and enjoy ^_^

When the Sun Courts the Moon - First Date Version 1Download When the Sun Courts the Moon from:

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