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Ann and Aum in Borisud Bambard Kaen 

Well, here I am again, reviewing a new Thai Lakorn (drama). The last one I did was Sawan Biang starring Ann and Ken. Yeap, that was a very good lakorn indeed, and it still is to me, provided that you like a bit of slap and kiss type of drama that is.

This one, Borisud Bambard Kaen, is no different, which is a revenge type drama. I have always loved a revenge story line, and I have written one myself set in the Regency era. I have been waiting to see Borisud Bambard Kaen ever since they started making it, and the waiting was certainly worth it. Now I know that the story line in this one is absolutely complicated, but hay people, that is drama for you. You need this type of stuff to keep your boring life interesting. It at least keeps my boring life interesting anyway, when I’m not too busy writing my own kiss and slap type romance, which, by the way, aren’t going to get out there into the big wide world any time soon.

So anyway, Borisud Bambard Kaen stars the Queen of Thai lakorn Ann Thongprasom as NoungChai and the very hot (in my opinion anyway) and now famous actor Aum Attichard. You may have seen him from the previous famous lakorn in Jum Lor Ruk as Harit. He was certainly hot in that one—but this one, he is even better—so commanding and powerful when is well and his mind set on doing something, so crazy when his demon side gain control, and so gentle and caring when he is with Ann who as the story goes on becomes his love life.

I started watching this lakorn in You Tube, but then I’ve decided to wait until my sister in Australia send us in New Zealand a copy, which is dubbed in Khmer. Now, let me just say that this one with Khmer dubbed isn’t very good.  I really love Aum’s real voice. His tone is timbre deep—a very nice male voice indeed in my opinion, and when he speaks or shout—ah, you just wanted to hear some more. My younger sister, on the other hand, didn’t want to watch this lakorn at all. She said that, “the story line is loony because everyone is mentally crazy.” In a way that does sounds very disturbing indeed. Further more, most of the review I’ve read when the lakorn started stated that the plot is very complicated and crazy. Indeed, this has put me off a bit because I didn’t like the sound of that. However, knowing me, I’m not the type to read others opinion and nodded my head and agree with them without seeing it for myself. Yeap, I was like a bull, charged straight on to it once we’ve got the lakorn. And I haven’t regretted it at all. I love the story because in my gut, I knew Ann and Aum—such great actor and actress that they are—will pull it off and make one crazy story into something absolutely memorable. And memorable it has been for me. After seeing the lakorn, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and hence, I must write about it. Aum and Ann still play strong in my mind. Did I say that my younger sister, the one that has said the lakorn is loony and crazy, has watched this lakorn after all? Yeap, she has and now she said it is so good that she couldn’t keep it out of her mind. Now you may think that is rather disturbing, right? No, not at all, for this is what a good story needs to be like. It needs to grab your attention at the beginning, keeps you glue to it until the end, and then make itself stuck in your mind until who knows when? Mayhap until the next good lakorn comes out? I can still remember Ann and Ken in Sawan Biang, and it is no difference for Ann and Aum in this lakorn.

Now then, I’ve been raving on about how good this lakorn is long enough, and no doubt you’d be yarning with boredom. Let’s get on with the story then, shall we?





Borisud Bambard Kaen begins with a strong, powerful, and almost overbearing scene where NoungChai (Ann) wants to kill a woman name Lielie who is the wife of Jorm (Aum). The way Ann—dressed in her beautiful white wedding dress and holding a gun in her hand, stalked after the fearing woman who was running, crying, and screaming that a mad woman is about to kill her—plus the strong, loud music, and the chaotic atmosphere brought forward a scene of doom, that something very bad was about to happen. This scene has pulled me right into the heart of the story. Yeap, we see right there that NoungChai is mentally unstable, and instantly, we dislike her, but perhaps we pity her as well. Lielie ran to the car where her husband and son were, and they drove away as NougChai screamed and ran after them. So scared the she was, Lielie caused a tense atmosphere in the car where Jorm tried to calm her down as Lielie herself was about to go crazy with fear. Now mind you, hysteric woman crying and screaming in the car that someone is about to kill her is no fun for a driver to concentrate, and thus Jorm, while trying to calmed his wife down, did not see an oncoming truck and crashed right onto it. The car twisted and side toward the cliff. There, Jorm quickly jumped out, saving himself before the car drove down the cliff. And that, my friend, is the end of that.

Let’s get to NougChai then and do remember here, people, that I’ve cut the story short by a good 75%. After this scene we see that NoughChai did not remember what had happened during her wedding day, and further more, she was confirmed by her fiancé and future mother-in-law that she had gone quite made and wanted to kill an innocent woman who had died at the car crash with her whole family. NougChai was very upset, and here we see that she is after all a good person. It is only because of her mental instability that has caused such bad things to have happened. Hence, she enrolled herself into the mental institution.

Ah, next is my favorite period of the story. At the mental hospital was where Jorm resided to recover from his trauma. When he found that NoughChai was there as well, he stalked her and scared her by pretending to be a ghost of the presumable dead Jorm. I like many scenes here–lots of stalking, lots of running, and lots of kissing. Man, Aum is very, very good at stalking. Gee, the way he walked very slowly and purposely, with his dark eyes concentrating on Ann so intensely was so real and powerful. I really love the way his mind seems to work—so cunning even in his sickness, so absorbed with his vengeance.

Now then, you will perhaps not like this as I will stop the synopsis here. But I assure you that I will continue with the synopsis later on. But for now, ta ta.

Go to watch Borisud Bambard Kaen with English subtitle @ You Tube.





2 thoughts on “Borisud Bambard Kaen

  1. this is my second thai lakorn with ann in it.. LMAO. i have to say i was pretty skeptical of thai dramas at first…. (note, i was born in indonesia and believe me, indonesian dramas didnt really make quite of an impression to me, besides awful and overbearing. so i figure being in close range with indonesia might have affected its cinematic quality. no offense)…
    nevertheless, havin explored all of kdramas, jdramas, cdramas (u name it), i’ve finally run out of films n dramas that are worth my time.
    so in the end, out of extreme boredom, while browsing for films in a website, i came accross sapai glai peun tiang (thinking i must be crazy)… LOL
    i wasnt really hoping much, but it turned out to be not bad, not bad at all. the actress and the actor had great chemistry and it was quite enjoyable. what surprised me was that i actually find it far more enjoyable than the booming fullhouse (kdrama, if u know what i mean)… i googled the thai lakorn and found the actress’ name. it was ann. LOL. and from then on, i watched borisud… u know what people mean when they say “third time’s a charm”…. well for me, it must’ve been “second time’s a charm”…
    borisud, though enrolled in a fairly different genre than sapai, has managed to once again left me in awe. LMAO.
    ann, to say at the very least, has actually fared rather well in terms of acting skills. though im no pro, i, at least, have watched lots and lots films that you can ever imagine. so yeah, i know one or two about bad acting and objectivity.

    forgive me for writing this whole bunch of stuffs on ur blog. i just gotta say it out loud, or write it out loud^^

    p.s: i told my friends about my recent obsession of ann and thai lakorns and they laughed the hell out of me. hahahahaha, i just laughed them off^^

    • Hay, Diana. Thanks for the reply. I thought no one actually read my blog (LOL). Glad you’ve read and liked it. Ann T is my favourite Thai actress. You so totaly have to check out Sawan Biang (paradise Diversion) starring Ann T and Ken T. This one is my favourite, and Ken is super hot in the drama. You should also watch Likit Kamathep (Destiny Cupid or somthing like that), also starring Ann T and Mart K. There is also a new drama coming out soon as well starring Ann T and Rome. It’s call Honourable Prisoner in English and Chaluy Suk. But you could also check a drama that she is now starring with Ken T again. It’s call Soot Snaeha. It’s a romantic comedy. It’s okay that you write so much in my blog. Oh yeah, I got all this info from my sister who is a Thai Drama fanatic.

      P.S. if you do get very bored one day, visit Lady Jayne at Booksie.com to read some of her work. It’s mostly Historical Romance.

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