Hello, welcome to my blog. I am a romance writer. Here you will find me writing about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. But mostly I write reviews about my favourite Thai Lakorns (Dramas) and other time I will post my own works when it is fully completed. I write Historical, Fantasy and Modern Romance. Feel free to look around and read what I’ve written. Don’t forget to leave your comments when the force is strong within you because this is how I learn to become a better writer. You can visit my official website at www.acpraks.com. I sell my ebooks at Amazon – this is the link to my author page: www.amazon.com/author/alexiapraks.



May the magical force of fate guide you around my blog via your hand on the mouse.

A.C. Praks





Recent post:


Review of Borisud Bambard Kaen (The Revenge Therapy Company), starring Aum Atichart and Ann Thongprasom. Go to watch Borisud Bambard Kaen @ You Tube. Thanks to Anonymousblue 2001 for English sub. 🙂


Aum and Ann in Borisud Bambard Kaen


Thai Lakorns (Dramas) to Review:

Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (Underdeveloped Daughter-in-law) starring Chakrit and Ann.
Likit Kamathep starring Mart and Ann.


Previous Posts:

Review of Sawan Biang (Heaven Diversion) starring Ken and Ann.




3 thoughts on “HOME BLOG OF A WRITER

  1. Hi have you deleted a rogue’s revenge on booksie? Am majorly hooked. pls email me if I can read it from a alternate site or something. Thanks!!

    • Oh dear. No I haven’t deleted A Rogue’s Revenge at booksie at all. It’s still there. I have tried to get into booksie today but apparently I can’t. I’m not sure if the sit is down or not. It happened before. I can’t post up the next few chapters of A Rogue’s Desir. But don’t worry, once it’s back up, I’m going to post it.

      Thanks for telling me 😀

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