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Dangerous Driving, Giving It Back, and Feeling Satisfied!


I really do not like to say this because it makes me sound like I’m a really nasty person, which the fact is that I’m absolutely not. I am a very passive person. I just had no idea what came over me that day. I remembered being very, very upset—angry, in fact, at life in general. You know, we all have that sometimes. Anyways, I was on my way home after dropping my sister off at work on a Saturday, when turning my car right after giving way to numerous passing cars, another car behind me—not to mention an old, scrubby looking one at that—just overtook me around a curve without indicating.


I simply stared, my heart pounding like mad, and my temper simmering, ready to be exploded at the next moment.

‘Calm down,’ I told myself. ‘You know you’re a pig, but you could transform into a boar in a heartbeat when it’s too much.’ Let me tell you, when I turn into a boar, I can really be a raging boar. Even my sisters are scared of me. I can really explode, although it is short lived. Anyways, one of the three occupants of the car, the one sitting at the back, turned and made face and shouted at me. Perhaps saying what a lousy driver I was. And here, as I managed to clam myself down–I smiled at the stupid young man pulling faces at me and gave him a finger that I rarely honour to anyone. My God, how I felt good at that point. I felt very, very SATISFIED indeed. That young man indeed, my dear reader, simply gasped his mouth opened in the form of an ‘O’ in astonishment and his eyes were wide opened. Well, I thought, served him right. And the next second, that car turned right and mind turned left. And I felt satisfied all day. It made my day indeed.

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