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Soot Sanae Ha (Recipe Of Love)


Ken and Ann in Recipe of Love


Oh my God! Finally, it here! We’ve got it. Soot Sanae Ha or as you translate it into English—Recipe of Love is finally here, in our home in CD. Haha, and dubbed in Khmer, too. Gosh, even the title of the drama itself sounds delicious. And, boys and girls, I really do mean delicious and not only in the food that they cooked in the story. The characters, too, are deep and very real as well as our very boiling hot actor, Ken Theradeth, and pretty actress, Ann Tongprasom. What more could anyone ask for?

Okay, I have to calm down because if I don’t then I don’t think I can get this review done right.

Soot Sanae Ha—Recipe of Love, is the latest drama that Ken T and Ann T are starring together. The drama is taken from a novel in Thailand which is also called Soot Sanae Ha.

What makes me love this drama so much is that it is completely different from any other Thai drama I have ever watched. This one is so sassy, rich with humour, and very modern as compare to other Thai drama that are almost cliché. What I mean by cliché is that most Thai drama are following the same old trend as in boy meets girls, boys falls for girl, sometime boy and girl can’t get along because of their different in statuses (very important in Thai culture) or that they simply and stupidly hates each other’s gut (no reason what so ever why) and hence they fight like there’s no tomorrow. Of course we won’t forget the mean girl as well who like to slap and slap and slap our heroine until she couldn’t help but cry pathetically and begs for the bitchy girl to stop. Then, of course, our hero happens upon them on time and safe our heroine. Hahaha… To me that’s old and cliché. There’s no depth. Soot Sanae Ha, however, is different. It’s like Chi-Lit. Very cool.

So okay, allow me to introduce you to Alin (starring Ann T). A recently turned 25 year old (in Thai culture—if you’re 25, you’re history girl), eccentric, posh, sassy, and super rich woman who as the story started, is at the top of her career as an actress. Only her eccentric behaviour, of which she inherited from one of her peculiar three aunts, lead to her downfall. Out of a job for 2 years, Alin begin to get scared that her star quality is beginning to fad from the media world. Finally a chance arrived when the phone rings and she is offered an audition for a cooking show. Excited, but still pretending that she is very busy with doing absolutely nothing and getting bored out of her tree, she makes an appointment to meet the boss of the TV show.

Introducing a perfect man—William Macintosh. Still hot as ever at 40 years of age, William is Chai Anucha in this drama. He is the boss of the studio, and Alin, once she has laid her eyes upon this handsome, perfect creature (or so she thought), is sure that he is a knight in shinning armour. He is her destiny. He is going to be her future husband—that she is sure of. That’s if she could get him to go out with her. Hence, the plan has changed instantly for Alin. Now it’s not so much about her career. It’s about getting the most eligible bachelor in Thailand to become her husband. Let’s the hunt begin.

Only nothing goes according to Alin’s plan. She finds out at the meeting that—after, of course, not paying any attention to what anyone is talking about because she is too busy watching Chai Anucha and day dreaming about their happy future together—she has to actually cook at the audition. BIG Trouble. How could you expect a High Society girl, a girl who’s fortune is worth in the millions, to know how to cook?

Panic! Panic!

But some how Alin must get that job because in doing so she’d be able to stay close to Chai Anucha and, hmmm, you know the rest. But how could she learn how to cook in a day?



Problem solved. Of course, Alin is a brain box in this type of thing. She needs a cooking teacher. And fast!

Here comes Din (Starring Ken T). This very handsome, gentle, and loyal cooking teacher comes with a price. A BIG one. He actually charged her in the thousand for a day of teaching. Of course that is nothing since she’d started everything by being very difficult and very Alin at the restaurant which caused him to lose his job. It is actually his very first day, too.

You can actually see spark fly when they argued in the kitchen. Super hot. I grantee that you’ll like it. And the next bit when Alin finds that her cooking teacher is actually the cute guy at the restaurant that she had helped the manager fired because he wouldn’t oblige with her demanding order of Chef’s Salad of which she has changed the recipe to her liking—she is scared the crap out of herself.

After some difficult negotiation, Alin is desperate enough to pay Din in the thousand to teach her how to make soufflé. And hence, her lesson begins. I have to say that I really enjoy this part. It’s so funny because they are arguing, him shouting at her, and she resisting and shouting back at him even though she really wants to learn. A five start from me for this scene.

Anyhow, after the cooking lesson, Din thinks that his relationship with Alin is over. Wrong! Their relationship, in fact, has only just begun.

The story is great. Like me, if you like a sassy heroine who knows what she wants and goes for it but at the same time she still has that cute innocent sense about her, then you’ll like this story. Alin is, on one side, eccentric and bitchy. When she has cat fights with the mean girls, it’s very entertaining and you couldn’t help but love the way Alin handle difficult situations. She’s not like most heroines in other Thai drama. This girl knows how to give it back. An eye for an eye. There’s no way she’d let other people stand on her. This is the modern girl. This is the modern heroine. She stands up for her rights as a human being. Not like those crying, weak heroine who allow the bitchy girl to slap her. It makes me angry watching story like that. Stands up for yourself, girl, I always say.

The other side of Alin is that she is also kind and sweet which makes her a nice round character. She also seems to know everything there is to know about the world, but yet at the same time, she seems to know nothing. This is where Din comes in. He helps her see the world in a slightly different angle.

And as for Din? If you like hot guys who are sweet and kind and who loves human rights, then this one is for you. He knows that his girlfriend (they’re just friends and not in any kind of relationship than just friend) is lying to him about her ex, but he still trust and help her in what ever ways he can as a friend. I also love the fact that once their relationship got started—the relationship between Alin and Din that is—they stick together through thick and thin, helping each out in the nick of time. Then of course, Din finds that he is falling in love with Alin, and being a shy guy that he is and knowing that Alin is in love with another guy, he keeps a distance. Though it is very difficult for him because Alin trust him so much and opens up to him. Hence, she does things like hugging him and touching him so intimately that only causes more forbidden feeling for Din. Ahh, forbidden love. So good.

And of course, Alin finds that she is falling in love with Din, too. But it is too late because she is engaged to Chai Anucha and she thinks that Din is also in love with his girlfriend. Hence, introducing a love square thing mabob. Yeap, very confusing. But if you watch the drama, it makes complete sense. Alin loves Din but she thinks Din loves his girlfriend who is in actual fact an ex-girlfriend of Chai Anucha. Gee, so confusing. Even I can’t write it right (LOL).

Any who, that’s all from me for now. Are you ready to watch Soot Sanae Ha yet?  Then you should definitely watch it at youtube.

Thanks for reading. Will be back another time with another review.

Chantha S. Praks


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