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Thai Lakorn: Raeng Ngao (2012)

I remember watching this Thai lakorn years back, starring my favourite Thai actress and actor; Anne Thonprasom and Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan respectively. That was when they were younger and Ken was just starting to become big in the Thai Entertainment industry. Raeng Ngao was an intense story that kept me addicted until the very end.

The new version of Raeng Ngao (2012), starring Janie Tiephosuwan and Ken phupoom Phongpanu (I call him the younger Ken) is as good as if not better than the previous one.

Here I’m going to try and explain what this story is about. But first allow me to tell you that with Thai Lakorn, it is a drama and there are always so many elements involving within the story, and they are usually freakenly complicated. So I apologise if you get so confused half way that you wanted to quit reading this junk right away. I won’t blame you of course.

Here we go.

Raeng Ngao or translated roughly as The Strong Shadow is a story about two sisters who are identical twin and their relationship to those who comes into their lives. The actual core of the story is the relationship between the twin sisters Moohnin (older twin) and Moohtha (younger twin), of how Moohnin blames herself and other people for the death of Moohtha and how she comes about avenging Moohtha’s death.

The beginning of the story introduces the characters of the sisters. Note that this is very important for the development of the story later on. Moohnin is kind of a tomboy with strong personality, stubborn spirit and is very independent. Moohtha, however, is the total opposite. She is sweet, polite and so completely naïve that most people take advantage of her. Because of their clashes in personalities, the two sisters do not get along and most of the times they get into a fight, in which case Moohtha would goes to their mum who will always take Moohtha’s side against Moohnin. This leads Moohnin to think that their mother does not love her as she does moohtha which of course form her strong, independent personality.

Because of her intelligence, Moohnin gains a scholarship to study abroad (New York) where as Moohtha completes high school and goes to Bangkok to find work. Here the actual story itself begins.

The first half of the drama tells the story of Moohtha in Bangkok and totally omits Moohnin which I find rather annoying as she is the main heroine of the story (Moohtha the second heroine). Here Moohtha meets Veekit, a handsome, young gentleman who helps her get a job at the company he is working for. Veekits falls in love with Moohtha and though she rejects him telling him that they could only be friends, he none the less is always there by her side to help her when she is in trouble.

As with any drama there are those bitchy girls that are always there to make our heroine suffer (otherwise it wouldn’t be call drama right?) and boy there are plenty of those here. There’s a lot of sarcastic comments, lots of tell tales, lots of bitching, lots of lies and of course lots of slapping. And no matter how minor these are, they add fuel to the fires that is burning bigger and bigger.

The real fire initiator of the story is Moohtha’s boss, Pope, managing director of the company. The second is his bitchy wife, Nappa. Pope and Nappa has three kids, who by the way in their own ways in the drama are falling into their dooms because of karma – as in what their parents did to other people comes back to bit them.

When Moohtha meets Pope she falls in love with him. Pope on the other hands instantly wants her. Not because he loves her but because he is a player and having an affair is fun for him. For the naive Moohtha, however, she thinks the God out of him and would do anything to please him which then leads to their secret affair. When Nappa finds out, she does many things to hurt and humiliate Moohtha in front of other people. (Note here that this is Thai Drama and in Thai culture, an affair with a married man is the worth possible thing a young woman could do. It brings shame to the family and friends.)  When everybody is hurting and humiliating Moohtha, Veekit is there to support her. Pope, on the other hand, is too much of a coward and a scape-goat and is always on his wife’s side (what a catch of a guy, eh? Err it’s supposed to be a sarcastic comment if you don’t get it).

When Pope asked Moohtha to marry him, Moohtha agrees without hesitation. When Nappa finds out, it is the final straw and she hires some gangs to rape Moohtha but Moohtha manages to escape. The finale of Moohtha comes when Nappa comes to the company and in front of everyone (this is a very big, intense scene) she shouts at Moohtha to leave her husband alone and slaps her. The weak Moohtha couldn’t stand up for herself and could only cry while everyone boo her. Nappa slaps Moohtha so hard that the girl falls and rolls down the stairs and everyone (especially those who hates Moohtha) takes video record on their phone and later posts it on the internet.

Veekit come to help and shouts at Nappa to stop. In a state of mess and still crying badly, Veekit takes Moohtha home. Later she has enough and goes back to her home town. There she commits suicide from depression (note that she also finds out she is pregnant with Pope). That night Moohnin happens to return from New York having finished her degree and the sight that greets her is that of her sister’s dead body hanging.

This is the first half of the drama. I will continue with the second later.

Enjoy Raeng Ngao at youtube (thanks to CatMatdz3 for the upload).

P.S. There is no English subtitle for this drama. Please inform me if you know where there is one.


A.C. Praks


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  1. i read the narration of this lakorn thanks to you.and i began to have interest of it.the problem is i don’t know where i could find with english subtitle.help pls.

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