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Forget Me Not (Ya Leum Chan)

Forget Me Not


Okay, so I admit I’ve been slacking around a bit in these past two days. Hey, come on, it’s Easter Holiday, and rarely, if ever, do I get a few days off to chillax. Hence, I have a bit of time to write and update my blog. Note here for those you who are worried about my work in progress, notably speaking Falling For Sakura: A Secret Proposal, I have been making progress. So have no fear, my dear readers. I also have a bit of time to update my website at www.alexiapraks.com. Hence, you can now pre-orders Falling For Sakura from iBooks from my website, as well as my other books such as Highland Kiss and The Earl’s Desire. Good news also is that His Hired Girlfriend is free on iBooks. So don’t miss the chance to download it.

Here are the links:

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Okay. Now back to the current topic.

I’m hooked, yep, you read it right, I am currently hooked on watching a Thai Lakorn called Forget Me Not, or Ya Leum Chan in Thai. Now it’s not that common that I get hooked so easily to certain dramas, but this one really hit the spot, if you know what I mean. Maybe it’s because my favourite actress, Anne Thongprasom, is in it. And of course, the hot Tek Jesadaporn Pholdee is in it as well.


Here’s my short synopsis of the story:

When self-made billionaire Khemachad once again meets the woman, Suriyawadee, who took his heart and destroyed it by marrying another man, the only thing he wants to do is to kick her out of his life. He changes his mind, however, when he finds out that she is in desperate need of money to support her family, including her two young sons. Khemachad vowed vengeance on Suriyawadee and thus begins their boss-employee relationship. The deeper he spiralled into his own plan to hurt and destroy her, however, the little does he realised that he is lying to himself. Perhaps every action he makes wasn’t to hurt her, but to get close to her and experience their once beautiful romance. Perhaps he still loves her, no matter what has happened in the past.

Why this story lured me in:

Okay, I admit I admire Anne T and her work. She’s an amazing actress. I watched most of her dramas, and till this day, I am never, ever disappointed with her work at all. In this story, she is Suriyawadee (I love this name, by the way). Her personality, I’d say is a little shy, quiet, and very respectful. She loves her family to the point that she sacrifices herself to marry an elderly man in order to help her family pay off their 200 million (I think it’s dollars?) debt. Hence, this is the reason why she left her then boyfriend Khem (hot Tek).

I haven’t seen a lot of work by Tek, but I heard that he’s really hot (still hot at late thirties) and is a very good actor. Yes, both of these things are true after I’ve watch a couple of episodes of Forget Me Not. In this story, he is what I would call broken. He loves only one woman and that is Suriyawadee, even after she left him. He is bent on taking revenge on her because she has hurt him. Personally, I think that most of his actions are not from vengeance, even though he convinced himself and the watcher so. I think most of his actions is to get close to Suriyawadee, and believe me when I say that he’s going to fall flat on his face when he realised too late what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

You can watch this drama either at Viki or Youtube. I would like to also thank everyone who sub this drama (notably The Forget Me Not team at viki and Anonyblue1 at Youtube). You guys are awesome.

Right, I think that’s enough for now. I must go forward and do some more editing before sending the lovely Highland Kiss on its merry way to be proofread.


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