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The Nine Kingdoms Books Trailer

I have not been writing for weeks now, and I’m figuratively speaking starving to write. This is crazy. I mean my life at the moment is like mentally crazy busy. The restaurant was busy due to Christmas functions and graduation, I went to a work conference for two days in Auckland, which was awesome by the way, and then attended another work seminar that same week when I got back. Okay, so I shouldn’t complain because I got lots of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points from those. And oh yeah, I got audited, which I expected because I knew it was time. Hehe, my better instinct came to the fort. For once, my Indirect Resource star came in useful. So as you can imagine, my time was all but taken up with important, essential things that needed doing, and thus, no time to write my books. Of course I’m behind in completing His Crimson Rose and A Daemon’s Wrath, do you really need to ask? Damn, and we’re moving house in January too, and I haven’t even packed. LOL! There goes Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Okay, but I swear I will definitely get my backside on my chair and my hands on the keyboards and get writing because I know that if I continue to procrastinate, there will be hell to pay.

In saying that though, I did manage to tweak The Nine Kingdoms Books trailer and update my website. You can check it out at www.alexiapraks.com.

Below is the tweaked Nine Kingdoms Books trailer.


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