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Awesome People: Sir Peter Jackson

This year, the year of 2015, I’m going to make it one of my goals to write more articles for this blog. This will help me learn bazi and understand how to write a more rounded charaters for my books, I will study and analyze awesome people and characters from books, anime, movies etc using bazi. First up is Sir Peter Jackson.

Before that, I will explain, for those who doesn’t know, what Bazi or four pillars of destiny is.

Most people think it’s weird for anyone to study bazi or four pillars of destiny when translated to English. Actually, the majority probably doesn’t even know what it is. Okay, simply because I’m a bazi enthusiast, and more importantly, it’s because I think personally it has helped me in a such a grand way to understanding myself, I shall endeavor to explain it here what it is and will continue to rant about it as to how one can use such a system/mathematic/fortune telling/astrology/whatever-you-call-it-that-helps-you-understand-yourself to analyze a person’s characteristics/personality. This is because I’m still a student in this very cool subject and want to have a deeper understanding, and in so doing, I will have greater clarity in writing my own characters, and ultimately, turning them into the awesomeness that they are in my books.

So bazi, or four pillars of destiny, is basically the study of one’s destiny from one’s birth chart. As the name implies, it has four pillars or palaces which accounts for, from right to left, the year, month, day, and hour of one’s birth date. Within the chart, there are two rows; the heavenly stems, which sit at the top, and the earthly branches, which sit at the bottom. This ultimately accounts for eight characters or palaces. Also within the earthly branches there are hidden stems. This means that every individual has a unique birth chart. But of course, if you happen to be born in the same year, month, day, and hour as a few others, then you’d have the same chart as those, but remember that bazi accounts for only 1/3 or 33.3% of your destiny, which is fixed/unchangeable. The other 33.3% is man luck, which is your action, and another 33.3% is your environment. This means even if you have the same birth chart as someone else, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the same destiny, but that it depends on where you live (environment/Feng Shui) and your action. For example, if your chart says you can make a lot of money (common interest here), then if you are too lazy to start a business or work hard, you ain’t gonna get rich – man luck. Of course it also accounts on where you do the business as well as certain countries have better economic than others – environment.

Okay, so my very first character/personality analysis, as to demonstrate, is Sir Peter Jackson, the awesome film director of The Lord of Ring and The Hobbit Trilogy. Why? Because he is a fellow kiwi, an artist of the greatest kind, and just oozes magic with his ability to make films.

Okay, Sir Peter Jackson was born, according to my good friend the greatest resource that ever exist on the internet – Wikipedia, on the 31 October, 1961. Unfortunately, we don’t have his time of birth and so we can only analyze 75% of his chart.

Here is Peter Jackson’s bazi chart.

Peter Jackson Bazi

In bazi, the Day Master (DM) is the most important and focal subject in which everything that exists and interacts within the chart will always be referred back to. DM is basically you and how you present yourself to the outside world. And Ding Fire is Peter Jackson’s DM. Ding Fire is the fire of the candle. It is beautiful and illuminate bright within the darkness of the night, thus it is better for a Ding Fire DM to be born at night. Ding Fire people are natural born leader and have the ability to rise to great occasion. They are meticulous, detail-orientated, and sentimental. Sometime though, just like the flame of the candle, they can be fickle.

Now let us look at Peter Jackson’s chart and see if we can analyze his character/personality/outlook to the world. Remember also that I am merely a bazi student, and therefore, my analysis is at most very basic and must be taken with a grain of salt. Hehe. I’m no expert at this, but the subject interests me vastly, and I cannot help myself.

Anyway, Peter Jackson is a Ding Fire (Yin Fire) Day Master born in the season of Autumn, as determined by the month earthly branch palace of Xu Dog. In autumn metal is prosperous. Thus Peter Jackson’s metal element is strong, and metal in this natal chart represent wealth, both the direct wealth (geng meal) and indirect wealth (xin metal).

In the heavenly stems, there are two elements; wu earth and xin metal. Wu earth represents Peter Jackson’s output star, specifically the Hurting Officer star, and xin metal represent his Indirect Wealth star. What appears in the heavenly stems represent the person’s outer personality/character. This is the personality that you see when you first meet the person or when you know the person for a short period of time. It is at most very weak and doesn’t not represent the person’s true personality.

In Peter Jackson’s case, he is an extrovert, out-going, generous person who is highly intelligent and inventive with a good business acumen.

For a better understanding of a person’s true character, we look at the earthly branches as chi there is stronger and we also look at the dominant character which means that the stars appear in the heavenly stem and is rooted in the hidden stem.

Here are the stars within the earthly branches: Direct Wealth (geng metal), Indirect Wealth (xin metal), Friend (ding fire), Hurting Officer (wu earth), Eating God (ji earth) and 7 Killing (gui water). Note that his dominant characteristics are the Indirect Wealth star as represented by the xin metal, which is strong due to the season of birth as well as rooting and Hurting Officer star because it is rooted.

Because I’m still a learner, I’m going to list the characteristics for each here:

Direct Wealth: Responsible, reliable, hard-working, modest, practical, trustworthy, conservative
Indirect Wealth: Generous, sharp business acumen, natural entrepreneurial, multi-taskers, big picture type
Friend: Good sense of self-pride and self-worth, possess will-power, optimistic, positive outlook
Hurting Officer: Outgoing, extrovert, street smart, talkative, highly intelligent and inventive, influential and persuasive through the power of speech or ideas or thoughts
Eating God: Gentle and reserve, introvert, great strategists, an eye for details, meticulous, perfectionist, artistic and creative and gourmands
7 Killing: Authoritative and commanding presence, charismatic, decisive, fearless, and highly ambitious

So Peter Jackson is an extrovert, outgoing, generous person who is highly intelligent and inventive with a good business acumen. He is highly ambitious with strong leadership skill, very creative with lots of out of the box ideas as well as a perfectionist and hard-worker. Well, what do you expect, he’s a director and directors are artists. These people usually have very good quality output stars, which are the Hurting Officer star (the performer) and Eating God star (the backstage/unseen artist). With their creative ideas, they can make magic happens, and in so doing, create great wealth for themselves and those around them, as in bazi, output element produces wealth element. In this case, earth produce metal. In Peter Jackson’s chart, both his output stars and his wealth stars are strong, so as expected, his films are just amazing, and well, his wealth comes from that, isn’t it? And oh, did I mention that he’s a perfectionist and has great attention to detail as represented by both the output stars? Yep, wiki mentioned it as well.

“Jackson is known for his attention to detail, a habit of shooting scenes from many angles, a macabre sense of humor, and a general playfulness – the latter to the point where The Lord of the Rings conceptual designer Alan Lee jokingly remarked ‘the film is almost incidental really’. Jackson was a noted perfectionist on the Lord of the Rings shoot, where he demanded numerous takes of scenes, requesting additional takes by repeatedly saying, ‘one more for luck’.”

Hum… The perfectionist bit remind me of someone I know. LOL! Yeah, she’s the one writing this very blog right now. Oh Eating God star, why must thou be so strong in thy chart?

Gosh, I’m tired just analyzing this. Time to go get some food to eat. LOL! The Eating God within me 😛




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