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Top 50 Fictional Writer – World beyond imagination

Kevin’s blog article makes it sound like I’m kind of in the right field. Being a writer! Super awesome ^_^

Cheat Sheet to Life


Creative fictional writing, were a new world is born and shape by the very person that is penning (keyboarding) it down. Here i have fish out among the Top 50 fictional writer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_fiction_authors) and have a look at what is in common in their chart.

Top 50 Fictional Writer DM

Day Master is rather dominated by Ji Earth. Ji Earth being the most malleable element of all, you would used clay/soft earth to make all sort sculpture and art peaces. Their willingness to accept the unknown open their mind to possibility. Next highest being Bing Fire. Generosity of sharing with other and the utter need of attention may have drive fellow Bing Fire creative bone. Being the sun fire, boundless and limitless with their way of expressing. Being the bottom dweller, Ren Water have the lowest representation, too much logic and intelligence hindering the ability to walk the “bullshit” path.

Top 50 Fictional Writer Element

If we look at the…

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