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My End of 2015 Accomplishments

It’s been ages since I’ve done a blog post, and I thought I have better do one before the year ends. And of course, what better topic to muse about than what I’ve accomplished thus far, writing wise, since the beginning of 2015?

First off, I’m going to talk about bazi (four pillars of destiny) and how that interacts with my life in 2015, writing wise of course, and some other things I thought I’d share with you guys, my dear readers.

As we all know, 2015 is the year of Yi Wei. English translation, it is the year of the Yin Wood Earth Goat, Yi being the yin wood such as small plants/flowers and Wei is the earth goat. See, not so hard, right? Haha. Now when talking and interpreting bazi, it’s all about the elements or chi. Nothing to do with the actual elements. We’re talking about chi or energy of the stars here. The yin wood is obviously a wood element whilst the goat is an earth element. Below is the annual pillar of 2015.

2015 bazi year pillar

As you can see straight away the pillar is dry. Not a freaking drop of water anywhere in this year pillar. Just a whole lot of wood, some dry earth (Wei Goat is the last of the summer season so the earth is very dry), and of course a little fire (as in a little candle flickering somewhere that no one cares about).

My own bazi chart is very dry, being born in the season of summer (Si Snake month which is May). What my chart needs most is Gui Water (Rain Water). So the very dry 2015 is no help to me inspiration to write wise, as gui water represents my resource, and recourse, among other things, represents inspiration, knowledge etc. When those inspirations do come, which is during the water month of November represented by the Hai Pig, it got clashed away by my Si Snake pillars. Yes, I’ve got two of those nasty things in my bazi chart. How inconvenient.

Si Snake and Hai Pig is a clash. What does this mean? Basically, it just means that when I got the inspiration to write as in my brain is bursting with ideas, I just don’t have time to write because of time committed to something else, and that something else is work, as the Si Snake, which is a ding fire, represent my output star.

Now let’s talk about that Yi Wood. As you can see from the annual luck pillar of 2015, the yi wood is rooted. This means that the Yi Wood appears both in the heavenly stem (top) and the earthly branch (bottom) as a sub-chi. When an element is rooted, it means that particular element is strong and it is for all to see. Yi Wood to me is my self-element. But because my chart already has strong wood element, thanks to the Rob Wealth star, I don’t need any more of that particular element to over-tip my chart. Balance is everything in bazi. The overly strong yi wood turns into a Rob Wealth star and expresses all of its bad quality. Meaning? You guess it. Rob Wealth. I just spent a freaking lot of money, unforeseen ones, of course. Note: If you see a year when your strong Rob Wealth Star is coming, be prepared to lose/spend lots of money. LOL!

Despite the mental, emotional, and physical roller-coaster from last year, which carried on up until the middle of this year and then me trying to recover from all that shit for the last couple of months, I did manage to complete and self-published two books this year; A Demon’s Wrath (A Nine Kingdoms Books) and A Secret Proposal Part 1 (Book 2 of the Falling for Sakura Trilogy). I’m currently writing A Secret Proposal Part 2, When the Sun Courts the Moon, and Chained to You. Will keep you guys posted when they will be released in 2016 ^_^


Books Released in 2015

Books Currently Writing and Will be Released in 2016

A Secret Proposal Part 2

A Secret Proposal Part 2

When the Sun Courts the Moon - A Kiwi Bride Novel

A Secret Proposal Part 2

Chained to You Vol.1

A Secret Proposal Part 2


Regardless of all the shit in ones’ life, one must keep on living and move on. Hence, here’s my take on me in 2016.

2016 is the year of Bing Shen. In English translation, it is the year of Yang Fire (the fire of the sun), Metal Monkey.

2016 bazi

Personally, I don’t like seeing a monkey. Monkey destroys the Shi Snake (two in my pillars) and harm the Hai Pig, my precious water. But at least Shen Monkey and Si Snake also form a combination that results in gui water. But the usefulness of that precious element is questionable in my case.

Regardless, what can I expect of the year 2016? Shen, its main chi is Geng Metal (large metal such as swords and axes), represent my Direct Officer star. Girls, remember that a Direct Officer star is your true spouse/husband star. If you see it in your 10 year luck pillar or the annual pillar, be prepared to meet lots of possible suitors. Of course, Geng Shen only represents a Direct Officer star (husband) to a Yi Wood female and a 7 Killing (boyfriend) to a Jia Wood (Big tree) female.

In my case, because of all the other shits (clash, destruction, harm etc.) in my chart, that spouse thing ain’t going to happen yet, and I’m not thinking about it right now. Personal choices. See? That other 33% that controls your destiny. Your choices and your action. Kapow! Awesomeness! I consider personal romance too much time wasting at the moment. Furthermore, with the destruction between the Shen Monkey and Si Snake, romance wise, it is a situation when the romantic relationship has a good start and a bad finish, with of course, a whole lot of emotional shit involves. NOTE: Emo Roller-Coaster Rides with lots of ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs. Well, you get the idea. Emotional shit because of the water element that is produced between the two star signs when combined. Water element represents your emotion/comforts etc. Of course personally, I have more important things to think about and concentrate on.

Direct Officer for me for 2016, I think is more of a concentration/discipline to do my work, and of course, career advancement. Also with the strong fire element, indicating that my output will be quite good as well. With the help of the resource (water produced from the combination of Shen and Si), I’m hoping that my inspiration to write will be up there, too.

So to sum up? I both look forward and not looking forward to 2016. I know for certain that 2016 will be a big change for me, and certainly, will be very different indeed in term of lifestyle. Actually, I’ve already put forward and initiated that changes. Very well, we shall see how I will fair in 2016. Of course I will keep you guys posted.

Wish me luck ^_^

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