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Mita, Your Housekeeper (Kaseifu no Mita)

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about this awesome Japanese drama for ages, but you know, I have been just too plain lazy to do it. Now, that’s not a good way to increase one’s blog content, right?

So here I am, going on about Mita, Your Housekeeper. As mentioned above, this is a Japanese family drama. Just a side note, people, when I watch Japanese TV series (or Korean, Chinese, American or the UK for that matter), I mainly watch mystery and thrillers even though I am a romance writer. I have no idea why I don’t watch romance anymore, which I used to binge watch years ago. I think mainly because they suck big time nowadays, with the exception of a fair few. Personally, I think Korean, Chinese, and Thai drama concentrate too much on how beautiful the actors/actresses look on screen that they forgot about the story, which is the main reason why anyone watch TV series in the first place. People (or at least I) get pulled in because of the story, not how good-looking the actors/actresses are. Asian entertainment industries, especially Thai, let actors/actresses take the important roles for a really good drama and then screwed it all up because the freakingly good-looking actors/actresses can’t act and convey the story to the audience to save themselves. And of course, this annoys me. I want a good story, people, with great acting. Not wasting my time watching beautiful, clueless people who can’t act doing stupid things that has no meaning to the story line. Okay, I’m not going to rant any more about that here. Maybe in another post.

Let’s carry on with Mita, Your Housekeeper. As I mentioned above, this is a family drama, people, and it is awesome. The acting was amazing and the story line was simply wonderful. I haven’t watched a TV series where I cried my eyes out like a maniac for ages, if ever at all. But this one? This one got me hard and wouldn’t let me go.

How I found this awesome story? I found Mita, Your Housekeeper whilst browsing through KissAsian for a good mystery to watch (after exhausting all of the thrillers and crime department ^_^). Of course I found later that Mita, Your Housekeeper wasn’t really a mystery, though it is listed under that genre.

The story revolves around the Asuda family who still grieves over their mother’s death. The father hired a housekeeper, Mita, to take care of the cooking and house cleaning etc. Of course Mita, cold and distant, will do anything the family members (father, two sons, and two daughters) ask of her to do, even committing a murder. Yeah. You read it right. Hehe. It’s murder, people. MURDER! I like that word. That was why I started watching it. What better a mystery than a housekeeper who is willing to commit a murder for the family because she considered it is part of her job? Muahahahaha.

*Clear throat* All right, carrying on. Needless to say, I was tuned in right from the get go. I love the children. They are such good actors/actresses. I’m sure they have a great future ahead of them in real life where their acting careers are concerned. I loved the youngest, Kii Asuda (played by Miyu Honda), who is six years old. I loved how she questioned every word she didn’t know and how she’d do anything to get the family back together. She made me smile with delight at her cuteness, cried for her when she cries, cheered for her when she plans out her own kidnapping in order to get her family back together. Gosh! This is what I call great acting, people. Go watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course the three older siblings are awesome as well. They steal the scenes from their dad, who is to me more of a background to the kids and Mita. Okay, let’s talk about Mita, the housekeeper. She has a tragic past, hence the no talking, distant and cold attitude thing. I understand where she’s coming from. I feel her pain, and that is because of her excellent acting (unlike most beautiful Thai, Korean, and Chinese actresses who can’t bloody act but get the parts anyway because you know…).

All right. I’m not going to spoil everything by ranting what’s happening in the story here. In conclusion, if you like family drama, cute kids, good-looking boy (yeah, the oldest son is definitely good-looking and will grow up to be one of the hottest Japanese actors), a little mystery, and of course, a story that’ll make you cry your eyeballs out, then go watch Mita, Your Housekeeper, because it is simply awesome.

Right, that’s all from me. Here’s where you can go and watch Mita, Your Housekeeper – KissAsian.  


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