ME! Miss Alexia C. Praks

Hello, my awesome reader, and welcome.

My name is Alexia Praks (a shorten version of my very long name). I’m a self-confessed hermit who love to write romance; be it contemporary, historical, fantasy, paranormal, or a combination of any of these. I write intense love stories where hot billionaires sweep poor, average-looking gals of their feet. And along the wonderful, peril journey where these heroines and heroes fight for their happily-ever-after are usually heaps of misunderstanding, self-doubts, character growth, and a whole lot of smut scenes.

Aside from romance, I also write young adult novels under the name Alex C Praks (another shorten version of my very long name). Unlike my romance novels, my YA counterpart falls into various subgenres such as fantasy, science-fiction, thriller, supernatural, dystopia, mystery, and of course, a wee bit of romance. Yes, basically all those roll into one. Think Eight Dogs of the East, 07-Ghost, Karneval, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Noragami, Black Butler, and Hunter x Hunter. These are my favorite anime and manga, so it’s only natural I write these types of books.

I live in historic, students-infested Dunedin, Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud), aka New Zealand. It’s a lone, isolated, beautiful country with ranges of exquisite mountains and breathtaking rivers.

Apart from writing and occasionally losing myself in my own dream realm, I love self-cultivation, is fascinated about Chinese metaphysics, and spend most of my spare time watching anime and TV dramas, and of course, reading books and manga.

Weird Stuff About Me You Might Want to Know

  • I’m an introvert (thanks to my Eating God Star), but can be an extrovert when I want to and only with very close friends (my Hurting Officer Star).
  • I love food, writing, and beautiful things (again Eating God Star).
  • I love to learn new things (the yi wood in me and the most needed water, the resource stars, in my chart).
  • I secretly yearn for adventure and doing awesome things society restricted me from doing. Must be that hurting officer star challenging the officer star.
  • I am prone to daydreaming (those resource stars playing up now and again).
  • I have four sisters, and one of them, Victoria Praks, is also a romance writer. Most of the time we have the same plot ideas for stories, and it does get tricky working things out as to who gets what. LOL! But it’s fun.
  • I love making book covers. I create all the covers for my own books and most of my sister’s Lilly W. Praks under Alexia Praks Media. I can work on it for hours and never get sick of it. Hmm, hours I should be writing books.

Places you can find me:
My Official website | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Online stores you can buy my books:
Amazon | Apple iBooks | Barnes and Noble | Google | Kobo | Smashwords

What you’d expect from me on this awesome blog.
Here I will be ranting about my ups and downs on the my life as an author. Yes! The writing, the books, the things I do to keep me going during those dark, lonely hours of trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the next chapter of the book, and of course, sharing my interests in general.




One thought on “ABOUT ALEXIA

  1. I’m honestly confused. I love the stories and I read them off wattpad.com. Are those stories going to be updated or do they just introduce the first few chapter and then if we want to finish the book we have to buy it? For example, I just finished The Earls Dersire on wattpad. Is it going to be updated anymore? Or should I go buy the book now cuz I wanna finish it?

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