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Contemporary and New Adult Romance

A Secret Kiss

Falling For Sakura Book 1: A New Adult Contemporary Romance
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Book 1 - Falling For Sakura A Secret Kiss

In Japan, Sakura is the beautiful cherry blossom that blooms vibrantly in spring and symbolizes the insightful Buddhist phrase mono no aware, which means the pathos of things, a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. FALLING FOR SAKURA is the story of Caucasian-Japanese Sakura, her journey to finding herself, and her torn love for two very different brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton.

Orphan Sakura, with no last name, is accustomed to being rejected, hated, bullied, and unloved. When she is adopted by the wealthy Princeton family, her seven brothers refuse to accept her, and her two sisters constantly bully her. Instead of admitting defeat, she gladly takes on her new life with a brave face, working hard to earn her new siblings’ trust and love. Her endeavor, however, ultimately leads to a series of unfortunate incidents.

Now years later, the twenty-three-year-old beauty dreads the moment she once again has to meet the drop-dead gorgeous brothers, due to arrive for their cousin’s wedding. Dodging their very presence is next to impossible since the brothers, who have forgotten who she is entirely, are attracted to her like moths to a flame and thwart her escapes at every turn. This, of course, leads to ungodly, tempting situations, awakens forbidden feelings, and ignites old flames that have been suppressed and laid dormant for many years. When she finds them competing for her—NOT for her sisterly affection, which she still deeply craves, but for her love as a woman—she is torn between Sebastian Princeton, the brother who loves her and watches over her from a distance, and Darcy Princeton, the brother who was once her best friend and now secretly yearns for her forgiveness and her love once again.

A Secret Proposal Part 1

Falling For Sakura Book 2: A New Adult Contemporary Romance
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2015 A Secret Proposal Part 1

 When orphan Sakura Tanaka sneaks into a famous Japanese designers fashion show in order to meet her biological mother, she does not anticipate a complication that would turn her hiding world upside down. Through mistaken identity, she ends up modelling for the designer, and in turn, leads to an unexpected encounter with her formal seven drop-dead gorgeous adopted brothers, of which two have stolen her heart. One of them is Sebastian Princeton, the handsome multi-billionaire real estate investor, who is not afraid to show his feelings for her and pursues her for her love. The other is Darcy Princeton, the multi-billionaire game designer and entrepreneur, who has always secretly loved her. Ultimately, who will Sakura give her heart to?

His Hired Girlfriend ​

Kiwi Brides: A New Adult Contemporary Romance Series
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2015 His Hired Girlfriend - A Kiwi Bride Novel

 Family oriented Alexandra Stewart is in desperate need of money for her dad’s heart surgery. She is stoked when Jayden McCartney unexpectedly barges in to her life and offers to help. On ONE condition. She must pretend to be his girlfriend. One look at Jay tells her to run in the opposite direction. He is too good looking, too successful, and too rich for her liking. When she is told Jay is gay; however, she feels sorry for him and, thinking that she’d kill two birds with one stone, agrees to the proposal. Now the only problem is how does she prevent herself from falling madly in love with Jay? When the way he looks at her makes her heart tremble and his touches set her body on fire? ​
Hot, recently single Jayden McCartney has to bring his girlfriend to his sister’s wedding in order to stop the matchmaking his grandmother has planned for him. Not in the mood for dating or a new woman after the discovery of his cheating ex, he hires a perfect candidate as his girlfriend in Alexandra Stewart. Alex, however, thinks he’s crazy and only when he commits a sinful lie that would damned his manhood forever does she agree to help. He convinces her that he is gay and that the possibility of his family finding out would ruin them financially and socially. Now Jay has to pretend to be batting for the other team. This is no easy task where the geeky turn sexy Alex is concerned because he wants her in his bed, and what Jay wants, he gets.

Highland Kiss

Kiwi Brides: A New Adult Contemporary Romance Series

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2015 Highland Kiss - A Kiwi Bride Novel Ruby Williams-Chan is ecstatic when the man of her dream Brian invites her to his ancestor’s home on her OE trip. Her plan of a romantic holiday, however, goes haywire when a hunky Scotsman abducts her to his Highland Manor. Ruby is outraged by this arrogant brute who set her pulse racing and determines to escape at all cost. Her attempts, however, are futile, and the only option available is to wait for Brian’s rescue while she plays cat and mouse with her captor.

In order to help his sister Susan and her ex-fiance Brian get back together, over protective older brother Alec Hasting whisks the woman he convinced is standing in the way to his isolated country estate. Making the beauty stay put and out of trouble, however, is harder than Alec imagine. Worst of all he finds her terribly desirable, her sweet innocence and strong spirit truly refreshing, and that he might be falling in love with her. When Brian and Susan unexpectedly arrive, the challenge begins, and Alec knows he must claim Ruby’s heart before he loses her to Brian.​

Fantasy Romance

A Demon’s Wrath

A Nine Kingdoms: Demons Series Book 1: Fantasy Romance
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alexia praks, a demon's wrath, a nine kingdoms novel, demon series book 1, erotic fantasy, fantasy romance

In order to save her mother’s life from a deadly poison, spirited Cecelia Van Zandt must retrieve the Pearl of Life, a powerful treasure that belongs to the fearsome demon king Drake McNamara. After begging her uncle for help to no avail and against her mother’s wishes, Cecelia disguises herself as a lad and leaves the safety of the palace to find the item that resides in the depths of the dangerous Demon Kingdom. When Drake saves her from impending death, she finds she is strangely attracted to him and beguilingly loses herself in his hot seduction.

 The formidable warrior Drake McNamara must save his nephew from the cruel human’s hands that cunningly kidnapped the boy. After a powerful vision, he and his comrades rescue his nephew and a young lad named Brian. Drake suspects Brian, who is in actual fact Cecelia, has a hidden agenda. When he finds her missing, along with his Pearl of Life, he unleashes his demonic wrath by raiding Dardania Kingdom, takes Cecelia as his prized prisoner, and promises her a dark, rapturous torment she richly deserves.

Historical Romance

The Earl’s Desire

The Rogue Book 1: A Historical Romance Series
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2015 The Earl Desire Book Cover Version 1​Worldly and influential, Merrick William Hasting, Earl of Huntingdon, is the catch of the season. It is expected of him to propose the belle of the ton. On his way to his country estate, Merrick saves a youth name Chris from being beaten to death and takes him to his grand home. Suddenly, Merrick begins to feel an undercurrent of emotions toward Chris, emotions he has lost since the mysterious death of his wife. Not to mention an attraction of the sexual type so powerful, he thinks he has gone mad. The desire is entirely unnatural and against God’s rule of nature, and he must at all cost annihilate his sinful craving.

Shy and loyal to her boot, Christina Smith is disguising herself as a lad in order to protect herself and her family. After Merrick has saved her and fostered her in his home, her devotion and love for him knows no bound. She, however, is very confused and hurt when he starts pushing her away after the arrival of his guests. She knows those vile, scheming beautiful women are competing for his hand in marriage, and she uses her wits and tricks to protect him. Trying to convince the stubborn man so, however, is very hard indeed, especially where his heart is concern.

The Duke’s Revenge

The Rogue Book 2: A Historical Romance Series
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2015 The Duke Revenge Book Cover Version 1
 Can a tormented man forget his unpleasant past? When he wants justice, takes fate into his own hands, and in turn destroys a young woman’s freedom, do we abhor him? What if he falls in love with this woman? Will he then find salvation?
Maximilian Devilyn wants justice and is out for revenge after he has witnessed the murder of his older brother. When he rescues young beauty Ivy Michaels and finds out she is the daughter of Grace Westwood, the woman responsible for his brother’s death, he is determined to use Ivy as a weapon to destroy Grace. When he gets close to Ivy, however, she turns his world upside down with her kindness, innocent touches and stubborn spirit. Now he wants more than just revenge and her in his bed. But does a proper lady wants a beastly, tormented man for a husband?

The Rogue Series Vol. 1

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The Rogue Series V. 1
Book 1: The Earl’s Desire
Book 2: The Duke’s Revenge

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