Updated Covers for Chained to You Serial

Gosh, I swear I can never be satisfied with any book cover I make. There’s always something I want to change or tweak. I’m always so pedantic and such a perfectionist when it comes to cover art. But I guess that can’t be helped, with me having such strong Eating God (EG) and Hurting Officer (HO) stars in my bazi chart.

EG and HO are output stars, and they, amongst other things, represent high expectation, expensive taste, and a perfectionist. Yep, you know those eccentric artists with eccentric taste? Them are people with either a strong Eating God star or Hurting Officer star. And those top chef? You guess it. They’re most likely EG people, and EG people looooves food and art, like me. ^_^

So what does the new covers look like? Check them out below. Personally, I think they’re more modern and chic, yeah? LOL! Nevertheless, I know I’m more satisfied with this latest version than the previous I’ve done with this serial.

P.S. Chained to You Vol. 1: Bounded is FREE to download from Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Google, and Smashwords. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to give this dark, sexy romance a go. ^_^


Dark Billionaires Heroes Characteristics According to Alexia (me!)

So here I am, using my Direct Officer/7 Killing and keeping myself disciplined, updating this blog regularly. LOL! We’ll see how long I can keep this up, eh?

Sorry if you don’t know what DO (Direct Officer) or 7K (7 Killing) means. These are bazi terms used to describe the type of gods (there are ten of those). Please note that the term gods in itself in bazi have no relation whatsoever to religion. The Chinese in olden days were very romantic in that they used all sorts of flowery words to name things, and in this case Gods in describing the yin and yang polarity of the elements and their stars and representation.

DO and 7K are influence stars, and in terms of actions, they represent such things as routine, discipline, and organization as well as the confidence in taking charge. Some people have these prominent in their chart, so it’s easy for them to use this side of their character. Whereas I, on the other hand, have the DO so deep inside my hidden stems that even I don’t know I have it. So I need to consciously use it to bring it out. Then of course in terms of bazi, one prefers to have either a DO or 7K in their chart rather than both, as this means the person in question has confusing characters. To be an honorable general? Or a tyrant warrior? Using a boss as an example, a DO boss is kind and understanding, but stern. The 7K boss, on the other hand, is a tyrant and will literally f**k you up just to get the job done. Okay, I think that statement is a bit over exaggerated, but nonetheless true. I personally do not have any 7K in my chart, but will be going through it in the next 10 years luck pillar. Muahahahaha… I will become an awesome dictator! Or not. I’d rather read some cute yaoi manga than boss people around. ^_^

So why am I bringing the influence stars up in this blog post?

I’m not ashamed to say that learning bazi has been invaluably helpful to me, not only in my own life in guesstimating as to what is likely to happen in the next five to ten years, but in creating characters for my books as well.

If you’ve read some of my books, you’d probably guessed that the heroes have a lot of influence stars in their bazi chart, that’s if they have a chart to begin with. LOL! This of course, along with a heavy dose of Indirect Wealth, them being businessmen and making shit loads of money, and of course, strong resource. You can’t get to the top without help, right?

In terms of the Dark Billionaires heroes; James, William, Scott, Eric, Tory and Mark, in my opinion, I made them have more of a 7K than a DO personality. Yes, they are notoriously dark, dangerous, and uh-hum, sexy. Their business is mainly underground, dealing a lot with illegal shits. They rule the market and will f**k anyone who dare to cross them. If you have already read Chained to You Vol. 3: Trapped, you’ll know what I mean. These men kill a lot of people, and in this particular volume, it is to save Andy, Matt’s lover, who has been kidnapped by the Mexican. Andy is Mia’s younger brother, and yeah, I made him and Matt gay. Come on, people, I love yaoi (boys love) and will be writing such genre now and again. So please NOTE: do not be surprised to see some yaoi series coming out with my name slapped on the front cover of the books in the near future. LOL! (Hint: Chained by Fate starring Matt and Andy). ^_^

Chained to You Vol. 3: Trapped

Chained to You Vol 3 - Trapped

So if you enjoy reading about hot, rich men with strong 7K personalities, ready Dark Billionaires. The manga pictures below are what I personally imagine what James in the Chained to You Serial looks like. These pictures are of Ryuichi Asami in Viewfinder, which were drawn by my favorite manga artist and author Yamane Ayano. ^_^

Certainly, one of the picture reminds me of a little scene in Chained to You Vol. 4: Entwined, which will be coming out in October.

Please Note: The passage below has not yet been professionally edited. I apologize for any errors. ^_^

Chained to You Vol. 4: Entwined

Chained to You Vol 4 - Entwined

ViewFinder - James

James immediately dismissed the thought about love and Mia Donovan from his mind and came to sit on the couch. He made himself comfortable and crossed one leg over the other as he leaned back against the leather seat. Sitting there in that dominating position in his three piece suit, he was fuckingly powerful, highly dangerous, and awesomely sexy.

“Strip for me, Mia,” he demanded, his tone deep and hard with an intense erotic edge.

Gosh! Is it just me or is it hot in here? ^_^

When the Sun Courts the Moon


Okay, this is when I say to myself, “Holy Crap!”

Moments before this profanity flew out of my mouth this was what I was doing. I was in my own world, smiling and gushing with delight, playing the scene of Chandra Chandler (nickname Chan) being kissed by hot billionaire Sam Harrington in the kitchen whilst everyone else was having a blast outside. It’s a barbeque birthday party for Sam’s adorable daughter Lilly. So the kissing scene? I think I might swoon myself. And damn it was all in my head. So anyway. Typed, typed, typed… Giggled, giggled, giggled… Eyes flicked to the word count below.

“Holy Crap!”

Yep. The word count has already exceeded 55,000 words. That’s already a novel, and I’m only just about halfway. Then I thought to myself, ‘Oh Man! Was what I have been pouring out happily onto word doc to form When the Sun Courts the Moon all rubbish? A piece of garbage. Damn, the editing is so going to cost a lot. What if it’s going to be a bad book? But I’m so excited about the story. Yes, it might be different than all my other ones. And yes, Wanitta said it’s taking too long for the Main Characters (MCs) to actually meet. But wait a minute. I won’t know if I don’t try, right?’ (Okay, people, just thought I’d tell you that I talk to myself a lot in my head). ‘Just look at Sleepless in Seattle. The MCs don’t even meet until the end, and it’s still an awesome story.’

Right! Decision made. I don’t care if the book flopped. I don’t care if no one wants to read it. I’m just starting out as a romance author. I won’t know if I don’t try. And thus part 2 of When the Sun Courts the Moon is formed ^_^

Hurray! So here’s the scene I’ve written. Please excuse my grammars, punctuation, and spellings mistakes. It is a first draft, after all, and has not been edited professionally yet. Anyway, here goes ^_^

2016 When the Sun Courts the Moon Part 1 V3

In the kitchen, Chandra managed to be alone. She was leaning on the bench-top, sipping a glass of iced cold coke as she stared into space. In the distance, she could hear sounds of laughter and conversations. Everyone was outside, having a wonderful barbeque lunch.

She smiled. God, she hadn’t had one like this for ages, since her mom had passed away, in fact. It had been great thus far today, and she felt elated. Simply just elated to be a part of this joyful time, to be with her sisters and friends, to be with… Sam and Lilly and Jeremy.

There, she admitted it. She was happy to be a part of Sam and his family.

Chan was so deep in her own thoughts that she didn’t hear someone coming in through the door and heading her way. The manly body leaned forward over her and whispered, “So this is where you are.”

Chan jumped at the voice caressing her ear. Warmth of a male body enveloped her whole being, and she felt weak with delight. She blinked, her heart racing. She slowly turned round and found herself being trapped between the bench and the handsome man before her, only inches away from her. God, she could feel his warm breath on her skin, and their faces were so close that they could be kissing.

“Hi,” she said and then licked her lip. Her gaze was on his face, switching between his warm brown eyes and his lips. Oh God! She had the sudden urge to kiss him. What was wrong with her?

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked. He couldn’t keep the smile away. Damn, but he had been seeking time alone with her since she had arrived that morning. And now was that perfect time. He wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

Chan licked her lip again. “I was just…” Shit! She couldn’t think. What was wrong with her? “I was just… taking time out.”

“Thanks for helping,” he said. “You don’t know how much it means to me and Lilly.”

“No problem,” she said, moving back a bit to get some space. Her backside hit the bench.

Sam moved forward, refusing to leave any spare space between them. They were nose to nose and lips to lips when he said, “That satay meat was delicious.”

Chan smiled. “I…” She licked her lip again.

Sam’s attention was drawn there, and he thought, yes, they looked delicious all right.

“I made up the recipe myself,” she said. “You know, just alter a bit from the traditional.”

“That’s very creative,” he said, his eyes turning dark with desire the longer he gazed at her lips. “And did I tell you it was delicious?”

Chan nodded. “Yes, you—”

She didn’t finish. Sam cut her short by pressing his lips against hers.

The moment he started kissing her, Chan felt herself melting into him. She groaned out in pleasure as his warm lips expertly caressed hers.

“Ngh…” she groaned, her heart fluttering in wonderful sensations whilst her whole body buzzed with delight.

Sam expertly slipped his tongue in between her lips and invaded her mouth.

Chan groaned and shuddered.  “Nnghh…”

Sam continued his exploration of her mouth, his tongue wildly and passionately caressing and stroking her, making her tremble in longing and her core to ache in wonder.

She clutched to him for dear life as he went wilder, making her mindless. In her mind’s eyes, she was in heaven. In her mind’s eyes, she was in paradise with Sam Harrington.

Sight. Smile. Me. Still gushing with delight. You, my dear readers, stay tune for my next blog post and waiting impatiently for When the Sun Courts the Moon to come out. It’ll be in May. ^_^


Dark Billionaires: Chained to You Serial Update

As always, when I plan to do something, it goes haywire. Yes, my dear readers, my attempt at releasing Chained to You serial this month has hit a brick wall. Yikes! Chained to You Vol. 1: Bounded was meant to be released this March 30th, but unfortunately, things got delayed, and now the release date is April 25th.

I’m really sorry guys. I know you’re really looking forward to reading it. Of course I don’t expect anything to go smoothing for me this year, as with quite a few numbers of people I know. Bing Shen (Fire Monkey), despite popular believe that it’s an awesome monkey king, isn’t nice to me. Okay, so it’s there that I go rampaging about bazi once again. You see, the Shen Monkey clashes with the Si Snake in my month as well as day pillars! Yikes! Month pillar represents my career and day pillar represent my immediate family. So as you can see, lots of drawbacks in those areas. Double whammy. So yes, things will not go smoothing according to plan where my work is concerned. Not to mention the fact that the Shen Monkey (metal element) will hinder my Si Snake (fire element) which represent my output as in works and products. See? Lots of drawback where my writing is concerned.

Anyways, on to the good news then. Chained to You: Bounded is now up for pre-order on Barnes and Noble, Google, and Kobo, which weren’t available before.

Chained to You Vol 1 - Bounded

iBooks | B&N | Google | Kobo | Smashwords

Ah, and did I mention that coming in April my most anticipated anime is airing? LOL! Oh God! I cannot wait for it to start. If you guys haven’t yet already know, I’m an anime fanatic. Yes. Indeed I am. I love anime. I binged watch anime. And read manga and books. If you guys haven’t yet already know, I am also a Yaoi fan. I love Yaoi. I adore Yaoi.

What is Yaoi? It’s basically Boys Love. Yes, I admit that I like reading boys love manga and watching boys love anime. And this one that is coming in April is indeed boys love. It’s called Super Lovers. Although I must admit it is more Shounen Ai than Yaoi. Shounen Ai is what I’d call “clean and wholesome,” boys love.

All right, enough ranting on about book release relay and boys love anime. Time to get back to writing.

Stay tune for my next blog post ^_^


So I’ve just released a novella, CHAINED TO YOU: The Contract, which is basically a taste of what CHAINED TO YOU the novel will be. You can download CHAINED TO YOU from Amazon. Here’s Chapter 1.

Chained to You - the contract 1



It was a mistake to let Andy leave the country, and I’d known it the moment he told me he’d be going.

“Better job prospects there,” he’d said. “Friends of mine promised to find me a good one.”

A good one to Andy meant a job that would offer very good pay and didn’t require any university qualifications, since he didn’t have any. I wasn’t one to argue though, since I didn’t have any either, and working as a kitchen hand in a restaurant at minimum wage wasn’t something both of us planned for the rest of our lives. Andy wanted to study business and, one day, own his own big corporation with hundreds of employees and a very cool office with an outstanding view, high in the building. Me, I wanted to teach.

“You won’t have to work those shitty long hours anymore, Mia. We won’t have to worry about money. You can quit that pathetic job and say good-bye to that arsehole boss of yours.”

“Pathetic job,” I murmured under my breath as I stared out the small window to my right. “Arsehole boss.” I hugged myself tight as I gazed at the view.

It was beautiful, with bright gold and blues, and just below the plane, there were thick white clouds all along the endless horizon. I’d always wanted to see this exquisite scenery for real, since I’d spotted it in a beauty magazine I bought from a secondhand bookstore. I even had the picture glued in my notebook of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to do and accomplish before I die. I’d also wanted to be in a plane, too.

At the moment, however, both were the furthest from my mind. In a few hours, the plane would land, and I’d be in Los Angeles, California—a place I’d never been to before and hadn’t even wanted to visit. Paris, Tokyo, and Rome were the cities I desperately wanted to see. Not Los Angeles. Never Los Angeles. And the fact I didn’t know where I was going or what I’d be doing there really worried me. No, that wasn’t true. What really worried me was I wouldn’t know who I’d be facing and how the hell I’d be getting Andy out of his mess.

During the next few painstakingly slow hours, I remained paralyzed, seized by fear of the unknown. Fear of what would happen to Andy if I couldn’t help him.

“Andy,” I murmured. “Why?”

He’d been such a good little brother. I understood it had been hard for him since the death of our parents, as it had for me. Understood shit happened in everyone’s life, though it seemed to happen a lot more for us. But we had to carry on living, didn’t we? And Andy? He was just that gullible, more than the most gullible person on the planet. I’d known that, yet I’d let him go. Allowed the wolves to have a taste of him, to play and dance with him. And now he was stuck, and I didn’t know how I could save him.

At the moment, I knew I was charging forward blindly. The wolves, these billionaire businessmen who didn’t hesitate to play dirty, were who I would be dealing with.

“Maxwell.” I said the name softly under my breath, a shiver passing down my spine. Even the name itself radiated power, and it scared the hell out of me.

All I’d gotten was a phone call from Andy and then an email—a threatening email—from a man simply called J. Maxwell. That email was short and to the point. Even now, I felt a little dizzy thinking about it.

Ms. Donovan,

 I would like to inform you that your brother, Andy Donovan, has done a very unwise thing. He and his friends have swindled and lost two million dollars of mine in a gamble. He is currently under our protection. Negotiation between us is prudent, and I urgently advise you to make an appointment to meet me.

J. Maxwell

The bastard had made it sound like he was the police with the words protection and negotiate. But then again, Andy and his so-called friends had swindled millions from the billionaire, and now, it was my job to replace them. Once again, the number of zeros following that two made my head spin. How the heck was I supposed to supply two million US dollars?

The plane landed, and I found myself shuffling through thousands of people I didn’t know. I tried to pass them as quick as I could, clutching my backpack close to me. I knew I looked like a fish out of water here, and those staring at me with the look were evidence of that. I didn’t care though. I had a mission to accomplish, and their judgement wasn’t going to faze me.

I sighed with some small relief once I was outside where there were less people to encounter. It was hot. So hot in fact I had to take off my jumper. I knew I had to take the bus into town because a taxi was way too expensive, and I couldn’t afford that, what with only three hundred bucks cash in my wallet.

I jumped into the bus a few minutes later, and after paying my fees, I settled in a lone seat, placing my backpack on my lap in front of me. I kept to myself throughout the whole journey. When the bus stopped in town, I took another up to Beverly Hills and then another one farther out. This took me another hour, and by the time it stopped at the very end of the route, I was exhausted and thirsty.

Out on the rather deserted street lined with big mansions that both terrified and amazed me, I took out the Google map I’d printed out and peered at the white, neatly folded piece of paper. The glare was getting to my eyes, so I moved around, trying to find a bit of shade. My finger followed the line of roads on the map as I muttered to myself, “Where am I? Where am I?”

An angry, long, loud beep blared from the distance. Tires screeched against asphalt. I lifted my head, and my eyes rounded with dread. Panic sized me the moment I saw the car heading toward me. I reacted by staggering back, just in time, as the vehicle came to a sudden halt inches from me.

I fell on my backside, my heart pumping loud and fast. I was still paralyzed with fright when the door of that expensive car opened. Shiny black shoes landed on the pavement, followed by clean black trousers.

I watched, suddenly fascinated as that pair of shoes came my way. They stopped right in front of me, as if waiting patiently for me to lift my head. And I did. My eyes slowly drifted up to the long legs trousers and then to the slim waist and expensive-looking pale-blue shirt and dark jacket, and then… My breath was taken away the moment my eyes met his.

Strong, aquiline nose, deep-set eyes, prominent jawline, and dark hair—this was the type of face found in fashion magazines. The male models in ads for perfume and expensive suits. The type that was out of my reach. The rich, expensive type that every girl drooled over and dreamed of dating.

He was the type that scared the shit out of me, and he was doing so right now. My breathing became shorter and faster. At that moment, I just wanted to run. My legs, however, seemed to have become numb, and I couldn’t command them to move.

The handsome stranger made my condition worse by coming down to one knee. I was surprised he actually allowed those expensive, clean trousers to touch the dirt.

When he faced me, I swallowed.

Prussian blue. The color of his eyes. Dark yet bright, with an ominous feel to them. A shade of blue that had fascinated me since I was a child. It was the shade of the sky I’d seen when I opened my eyes that day many years ago, my whole body aching in agony and my bones broken. The sound of sirens and people shouting, asking me if I was all right. I’d never been all right. I was dying from a car accident. And they asked me, a child of twelve, if I was all right.

I flicked my mind back to the present, to the man in front of me, and bit my dry lip. I subconsciously licked them—a mistake. His Prussian blue eyes drifted to my lips, and suddenly, my whole body reacted in a way it had never reacted before.

It flared with heat and delicious sensation coursed through me, making me almost breathless. I was trembling more fiercely than I had when I’d thought the car was going to hit me. My whole body trembled beneath his stare, at the sudden electrical sparks that charged and pulsated between us.

He narrowed his eyes—against the glare of the sun or a knowing sign, I didn’t know which. When he grinned at me, one that would take any girl’s breath away, I knew it was the latter. He was way too handsome for my peace of mind. It was a crime for such a man to exist. He was too much.

“Are you all right?” he asked, his voice timbre deep.

A thrill rushed down my spine. I tentatively nodded and wished he’d just up and go.

He didn’t, which both angered and pleased me at the same time. At that moment, I didn’t understand my own feelings. Yes, I wanted him to leave me alone, but at the same time, I didn’t want him to go.

He surprised me by wrapping one large, strong hand over my arm. I jolted at the touch, and my whole body went into a frenzy of sensation, a whirlwind of heat.

He pulled me along as he stood, and I mindlessly followed. My head barely reached to his massive broad shoulders. I swallowed as I stared at his shirt.

“Don’t walk into the road without looking if you don’t want to get hit,” he said.

I nodded, still not looking at him. “Thanks,” I said, stepping back. I felt his hand releasing me, his warmth leaving me.

I turned, picked up my backpack, and gave him a small smile. I saw him cocking his head to one side before turning away. I was still trembling when a few moments later I watched his car speed by.

* * * * *

Again, you can download CHAINED TO YOU: The Contract from Amazon. You can also join my Mailing List to get notification of when the next parts of CHAINED TO YOU are released ^_^

Chained To You: A Maxwell Novel

All right, I have no idea why I started writing this story, but heck I did start and now I somehow have to finish the damn thing. It began one day when I got bored of writing 3rd POV type books and wanted to try my hands on 1st POV, and hence, Chained To You: A Maxwell Novel was born.

I’m hoping to get this book done and completed, and of course, published on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google, Kobo, and Smashwords by October (Fingers Cross!).

It’s HOT and STEAMY and SEXY! Yes, all those. And to be honest, I’ve used words I have never used before in this book. Goodness it makes me blush writing and reading those words. But I have to use them to show the character, particularly James Maxwell, because he’s tough and rich and a bad boy and he uses a lot of F word. But I love him because he’s just that type that you’re afraid of because he’s so far out of this world and yet dream of having as your own.

You can totally tell by the book cover at just how hot this novel is going to be. Well, I hope so anyway.

2015 Chained to You - A Maxwell Novel 04

So without further ado, I shall post an excerpt here for everyone to enjoy. And I do hope you will like, buy, and share it with your friends when it comes out in October ^_^

PLEASE NOTE: This excerpt is not yet edited. Expect some grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.


CHAINED TO YOU (A Maxwell Novel)



“I messed up his room,” I murmured to myself. I glanced at that king sized bed with the expensive duvet cover set of grayish blue and black, and felt a delicious shiver passed down my spine. Then I turned my attention to the floor. My ripped clothes were everywhere. I sighed and proceed to find a pair of jeans and t-shirt that was still intact to wear. No such luck, of course.

I was midway of pulling my ripped t-shirt on when three knocks came at the door. I quickly pulled the rest of the thin gray material down my body and said, “Come in.”

The door cracked opened and Ms. Lane silently entered. She stood straight as she faced me, her hands clasped before her as she addressed me. “Are you ready to see Mr. Maxwell?”

If wearing a ripped jeans and t-shirt without a bra—because that very last one lying on the floor was torn beyond repair and unwearable—was ready, then yes, I was as ready as I could be to face the billionaire whom my brother owed two million dollar to, the man who had seen me naked, with my backside in the air facing him.

I murmured a ‘yes’ followed by a nod of my head.

“Follow me,” she said and turned on her heel, expecting me to follow her like she expected a lower staff member to follow her order to perfection.

The moment Ms. Lane knocked and then opened a door a few moments later, my heart skipped a beat. When she stepped aside to let me in, I hesitated. I was suddenly shaking, and I knew I had to get a grip of myself. This was what I was here for. To negotiate for my brother’s release.

I took a deep breath when Ms. Lane nudged me to hurry up by saying, “He’s waiting.”

Before my nerves got any worse, I took a step in and then another.

Standing before me was the gorgeous Mr. J Maxwell. He had his arms folded across his chest and his backside resting slightly on the edge of the study desk. He looked relaxed and casual, but the very sight of him took my breath away. It annoyed me that he should have such strong, inexplicably powerful impression on me.

The moment my eyes met his, a gasp escaped my lips. I felt uncomfortable, and was very aware that my breasts and nipples were jutting out against the thin material of my ripped t-shirt. I really do hoped he didn’t notice.

“Sit,” he said, nodding at the chair before him.

I hesitantly did as he commanded. Yes, there was nothing else in his tone of voice but command. He had that magical aura within him, that self-confidence that had the power to take charge, shout out orders, and give command. Indeed, people would bid, follow, and do his every words. Even the little beast named Alfie was quiet on the other side of the room, snuggling itself cozily as it watched me with its beady eyes.

I gazed up at him, not knowing how to proceed. Yes, he had requested— No!  Demanded I be presence here before him, along with his expected two millions. Well, all I had was three hundred bucks.

He leaned forward and began. “I was expecting someone much older.”

“I’m twenty-three,” I said sternly. “I’m old enough. Where’s my brother?”

He ignored my demanded question. “You father allow you to come here knowing my reputation?”

Reputation? I knew nothing of his reputation. His rhetorical question, however, planted a seed of apprehension within my mind. Of course I had dreaded coming here and facing him about the two million dollars. But now that he mention his reputation, I wondered if I’d be able to walk out of here alive.

However, the sudden turn in subject about my dad got me angry. This showed in my voice, which was tremoring, along with my pissed off face, which was red and stern.

“My father died eleven years ago in a car accident, along with my mother. The only person Andy has is me, his older sister.”

He raised a brow at me, as if he found my tragic back story rather bland and uninteresting, like he had heard of that particular story a hundred times before. I’ll admit it was rather a common back story, but when it happen to you, when every possible shit you could imagine of got thrown at you, then it wasn’t such a common back story any more.

“Where’s my brother?” I asked again, trying very hard to calm myself, trying hard not to jump to conclusion that this hot Mr. J Maxwell had already executed Andy with a bullet to Andy’s handsome head.

He looked at me long and hard. “I applause your brother and his friends, Ms. Donovan,” he said, easing his arms from the cross position and resting them casually on the edge of the desk. “They’ve managed to cheat two million out of me.” He leaned forward, his eyes sharp on me, his face so close to me that I could feel the warmth of his breath on my skin, which both pleased and unsettled me at the same time.

“And trust me, I rarely allow anyone to cheat me.”

He flashed me a dark smile that made me want to run and hid and at the same time made me want to kiss him. It was a stupid desire, of course, and I had never felt like that toward any man before. I felt like I actually want to throw myself at him and let him do exquisite, unspeakable things to me. Things that were frowned upon. Things people didn’t talk about outside the bedroom. Things a virgin like me had never had experience of.

“So?” he asked softly, drifting his eyes slowly to my breasts and then back to my face. “What will you do? You look like a resourceful young woman.” He flashed a grin at me that would have made any woman spread her legs wide for him. It didn’t me. It made me want to punch the mirk off his face because he was implying something that hurt my pride with the looks in his eyes and the meaning behind his words.

“You’re here to negotiate for your brother’s release, then let’s do it. The closing date is Friday this week, Ms. Donovan. Two million, cash. I get my money, you get your brother back.”

I was so tense that when he suddenly touched my cheek, I jumped in my seat.

“What if I don’t… don’t get the two million?” And in my mind, I shouted, ‘How the heck do I get two million?’ There was no way that was possible. I made $14.75 an hour and I worked seven days a week to make ends meet. So how the heck would I be able to make two million in two days?

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll find a way, Ms. Donovan,” he said, drifting his eyes from my face to my breasts again, his fingers caressing my cheek.

Heat rushed to my face as the meaning of his words drummed deep into my mind.

“I don’t fuck men for money!” I said through gritted teeth. I had never used the word ‘fuck’ in the open before. I reserved that severely execrable word for dire situation, but he left me no choice. His assumption of my characters pissed me off, and I couldn’t control myself. Oh, I could have kept my mouth shut like I had always kept my mouth shut, allowing everyone to bully and harass me, giving everyone permission to walk all over me because that was what I had been told by my aunt and uncle that was what good girls do. My so-called friends in high school, who were no longer my friends, thought I could never fit in because I was too shy and quiet and didn’t know how to dress right. They felt the need to remind me of my shortcoming whenever they thought I deserved it. My aunt and uncle thought I was will-full, wild, and stupid and that I wouldn’t amount to anything. They told me they had done their best with me, teaching me and conforming me to be proper like them by slapping me and whipping me with a belt whenever they thought I needed the discipline. ‘Get your head out of the cloud and stop wasting your money and time reading those useless books,’ they had always told me. But those wonderful books had got me out of the real, harsh world. It had kept me sane and made me happy, at least for a few hours. Then there was my boss, of course, who thought I was a worthless employee and condemned me to do all the dirty jobs, never missing an opportunity to criticize the small details. My colleagues kept bickering and backstabbing me when they were the one who got the better pay and doing less. In the last few years, these harassment and bullying had gotten worse, especially at work, and I had to decide that it was enough. I had decided that I didn’t want anyone to walk over me anymore. So I had learnt how to stand up for myself, to talk back, speak out, and demand attention.

Thus, to not speak what was in my mind now would certainly tell this Mr. J Maxwell that I was timid and juvenile as he had so assumed my character to be, and hence, concluded that I was incapable of finding him the two million dollar. Heck, I knew in my gut that I couldn’t find that two million in a short two days, but I would not give him the satisfaction that his postulation of me was right.

“Is that all you rich arsehole ever think of? Throwing your damn money on whatever you deem attainable? Whatever you think has a price tag?”

I knew I was stepping on thin ground, but I couldn’t help myself. I had no idea how one dealt with a billionaire like this Mr. J Maxwell. I knew suddenly and with trepidation, however, that I was doing it wrong the moment I saw the dark look in his eyes and the stern expression on his handsome features. I tensed, waiting for his aggressive reaction to come. Shit! I knew that he’d either slap me or call his security guard and let them bash me good whilst he watch, with enjoyment of course. That was what these billionaire do, don’t they? I saw it in movies and dramas. Because they could get away with anything.

When I saw him narrowing his eyes at me and a slight sneer appeared about his lips, I knew I didn’t have to wait long to see my imagination unfold before my eyes, with me as the victim.

“Well, do you have a price tag, Ms. Donovan,” he said chillingly softly. “Everybody does.”

His words stung, but I didn’t have time to think of a reply when at lighting speed, his face was right in front me and his hand was wrapped around the back of my head. I gasped at his firm grasped of me, knowing suddenly that I was imprisoned in his arms and that I wouldn’t be able to run away. Then I felt the hotness of his lips crushed against mine. I panicked, and at the back of my mind, I knew that even if he were to do what I feared most and take me without my permission and I screamed, no one would help me. Even so, I tried my best to push him back, but the feel of his warmness and his lips against mine was wonderfully and deliciously intoxicating.

He traced his hot tongue across my lips, causing an exquisite pleasure to soar through my whole body. Then he somehow managed to expertly slip his hot, expert tongue into my mouth and invaded me. I shuddered deliciously. A groan escaped my lips as he stroked and caressed his tongue against mine, playing a small battle of tongue fight with me that I became breathless and my body squirmed in a frenzy of heated pleasure.  At the same time, however, I was actually fighting him to release me, my puny fist shoving at his massive chest, which was of course, to no avail.

Oh God! Oh God! I was being ravished by a hot billionaire, and I was turned on. My body, weak and frantic and quivering, was responding to his intense kiss, even though my head screamed for me to get a hold of myself as he continued to enrapture me.

When he finally moved back, I was heaving and breathless, my whole body shaking. My heart was pumping so fast and so loud within my chest that I was sure he, too, could hear the noise. My head felt light and just that little bit dizzy.

He still had his hand wrapped behind my head as I stared up at him, panting, my breasts rising and falling, my lips red and sore from his wonderfully brutal treatment. He didn’t at all looked as though he was affected by the kiss. His breathing was even, though his eyes was darker with a hot blue fire like I had seen when I had been naked and met his gaze in his bedroom only some minutes past.

He was stroking my lower lip now. I wanted him to stop, because it was dully aching, and yet, I wanted him to continue on caressing.

“Are you a virgin?”

The question took me by surprised, and I shoved his hand away from me.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked. “What the heck if I am? Is it a crime to be a virgin at twenty-three?” I stood, shoving the chair back in the process. If there was any certainty at all, I’d be a virgin for the rest of my life because I knew I wasn’t going to settle down with just any man. Then again, I had also been certain that I was never going to let any man kiss me either, unless he was the right one—that gentle, caring man who loved me to the deep of my bone, like the way Dad had loved Mum, like the way Dad had cherished Mum. This man—this Mr. J Maxwell—was nothing like that. He was arrogant and brutal, and what happened a moment ago had changed the fact that I had never been kissed.

My head held high, I said haughtily, “Trust me, I’ll get that two million by Friday. Somehow, someway.”

Turning on my heel, I headed to the door.

“Two million. Five years.”

My legs halted, and I turned to look at the handsome man who had just gave me the most amazing kissed. “Excuse me?”

He moved just a little, easing his hands into the pocket of his trouser. “Two million. Five years. It’s a contract.”

I stared at him, long and hard, my heart pumping loud and fast within my chest. “What contract?”

“The one I’m offering you.” He cocked his head to one side as he gazed at me. “Interested?”

I hesitated. Two million. Five years. For me? For Andy’s freedom?

I narrowed my eyes and said slowly, “What type of work are you offering me?”

A slight smile cracked on the side of his face, and I knew. “You’re a fucking bastard!”

Tears started brewing in my eyes and hurt within my heart, I reached for the door handle. Sick! Just plain sick!

I cracked the door open and was about to run off, when suddenly, I felt myself being pulled by the arm and spun round. Dizzy and breathless at the sudden change in orientation, I gazed at the broad chest before me as the door clicked shut and my back was thrust against it.

My gaze drifted up to the stern face above me, and before I could gasp out at the raw fire I saw within those Prussian blue eyes, firm lips crushed against mine as I felt warm fingers dug deep into my hair.

I whimpered as he kissed me long and hard, thrusting his tongue against mine, stroking and caressing and licking and playing that made me breathless and squirm with a sense of hunger for more and to be satiated. I was gone. My head was swimming in this deep pool of sensation and my being was floating in midair, surrounded with a flood of warm aura.

His hand moved down to my breast and cupped it, feeling the soft flesh against the thin material of my t-shirt. I gasped and groaned in response, and my breasts became hard and engorged, sensitive at his slightest touch.

When he thrust his muscular thigh between the softness of my legs, my core burnt and twisted, crying for the need to be filled with his hard rod. It was the moment that brought me back to reality.

This shouldn’t go any further. Thus, I blinked and shook my head as I tried to shove him off me. He retaliated by increasing the firmness of his grip on me. When I tried even harder, he had one hand at the smallness of my back and hoisted me up until I was riding his thigh. I freaked out because the action and position increased the twisting and burning needs of my core, the craving for his rod and for him to simply ravish me, take me, and do so in every which way that pleased him. Oh God! I could feel the hardness of his shaft against me, and my body responses by turning weak, trembling with a heat to be filled that it shocked me to my center.

My mind, however, refused to summit to his sexual seduction. It was then that he let go of my lips. Instead, his hot mouth moved to lick the sensitive spot near my ear. My whole body was shuddering as he whispered, “You definitely worth two million. I’d fuck you every night.”

I caught my breath at his words, and felt weak and aroused. I was reduced to a wanton wench.

Slowly, he eased his thigh between my legs and lowered me to the ground. With his face touching mine and lips caressing my cheek, he said slowly and softly, “Make up your mind. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. You have until Friday morning.”

He moved his body back though his hand still trapped me between him and the door. Panting, I watched him as he was staring at me, his eyes intense.

“What are you still doing here?” he suddenly snapped.

I heard the frustration and anger in his voice, but how could I move if he was still trapping me there? He was a brick wall, and I was a puny thing. Furthermore, my legs couldn’t move. They were paralyzed into numbness.

My body stiff, he pulled me by the arm, closer to him. I could feel the whole length of him, of his muscularly tone body and of his hard rod pushing against his pants, against my belly. I squirmed with a flare of sexual heat at the feel of his bulge, evident of his hunger and desire for me.

“Or have you decided already?”

I blinked and hesitantly shook my head.

He cupped my face firmly so that I had no choice but to look up at him.

“You know how fucking tempting you are, sweet heart?” he said. “If you don’t want me to throw you on the floor and fuck you hard out now—leave!

I got the message loud and clear. I pulled myself free from his enchanting incarceration and turned my back to him. My hands at the door, I tried to turn it open. When it didn’t budge, I whispered, “The door.”

I felt him taking a deep sigh, as if it was very painful for him to suddenly let me go. Then slowly and reluctantly, he eased his hand from the door.

I pulled it opened and slipped out, racing down the hall, heart pumping loud and fast and tears blinding my eyes.

My heart was still racing from the short, hot, intense, stupefying experience when I sprint down the grand stairs. I was at the base and was about to leave when Ms. Lane appeared before me. Her expression was once again clam and stern.

“Your backpack,” she said tonelessly, handing me my belongings.

I got a hold of myself and murmured, “Thanks.”

With my stuff back, I ran out the door and down the long driveway. I didn’t stop running until I reached the gate, until I was sure I was far away enough from Mr. J Maxwell, the man who had hotly kissed me and wanted to ravish me. The man who made me squirm under his touches and made me wanted my core to be filled with his hard shaft. The man who reduced me to nothing but a wanton wench. It was only then did I collapse on the grass and allow the tears to flow down my cheeks and the hunger and craving to be ravished and filled by the man with beautiful Prussian blue eyes, the man named Mr. J Maxwell,  to consumed me.

* * * * *

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In Japan, Sakura is the beautiful cherry blossom that blooms vibrantly in spring and symbolizes the insightful Buddhist phrase mono no aware, which means the pathos of things, a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. FALLING FOR SAKURA is the story of Caucasian-Japanese Sakura, her journey to finding herself, and her torn love for two very different brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton.

Orphan Sakura, with no last name, is accustomed to being rejected, hated, bullied, and unloved. When she is adopted by the wealthy Princeton family, her seven brothers refuse to accept her, and her two sisters constantly bully her. Instead of admitting defeat, she gladly takes on her new life with a brave face, working hard to earn her new siblings’ trust and love. Her endeavor, however, ultimately leads to a series of unfortunate incidents.

Now years later, the twenty-three-year-old beauty dreads the moment she once again has to meet the drop-dead gorgeous brothers, due to arrive for their cousin’s wedding. Dodging their very presence is next to impossible since the brothers, who have forgotten who she is entirely, are attracted to her like moths to a flame and thwart her escapes at every turn. This, of course, leads to ungodly, tempting situations, awakens forbidden feelings, and ignites old flames that have been suppressed and laid dormant for many years. When she finds them competing for her—NOT for her sisterly affection, which she still deeply craves, but for her love as a woman—she is torn between Sebastian Princeton, the brother who loves her and watches over her from a distance, and Darcy Princeton, the brother who was once her best friend and now secretly yearns for her forgiveness and her love once again.