Updates: What Have I Published So Far and What Am I Writing Now

Gosh, it seems I can never keep this blog up to date and posting regularly like other writers. Just when I got myself started, I’d silently disappear into the night again like a ninja after a few posts. LOL!

So anyhow, it has been a while, and I thought I better do an update as to what I’m up to in my life as a writer.

So far, four volumes of Chained to You serial light novels has been published. I have received numerous emails from readers who love the series and cannot wait until volume 5 and 6 are due to be out in 2017. As an author of this particular series, I would like to say thank you very much for loving my books. It means a lot to me. ^_^

Currently, Volume One of Chained to You: Bounded is FREE to download: Please go to my official romance website here to get your copy. It is under the featured section. Or just click on the images below to go straight to Amazon. ^_^

Next, the Sakura series. I have revised and republished the first three books on Amazon only for now. Those three books will be available in other ebook stores such as iBooks, B&N, Google, and Smashwords in early Feb of 2017. Please check out my official site here for more info. This series, too, I get numerous emails from readers. Once again, thank you very much for loving the series. ^_^


Now, for Romance of the Nine Kingdoms. This is my fantasy romance series. The first one, A Demon’s Wrath, which is book one of the Demon King Trilogy, will be re-publish in Feb 2017. Previously I did plan to keep it until maybe the end of 2017 after I have book 2 done, which is A Demon’s Bride. However, I’ve since changed my mind and will re-publish it again in Feb 2017. It will be available on Amazon, iBooks, and Google. Once again, I get a few emails from readers about this one in regard as to when I’ll be publishing book 2. Despite that I love writing fantasy romance, I must apologize in that it takes longer for me to get the book done because of the world building, the magic, and the conflicts etc. It’s a bit more complicated than writing the sweet contemporary romance. Furthermore, this particular sub-genre of romance doesn’t sell as well. Only a small group of people are into it. But nonetheless, I will continue to write the series, though a bit on the slow side. ^_^


And last but not least, my young adult. Finally! Good Lord, finally, I have nearly finished with the first book. I have planned to write the YA series for ages, but I just never have the gut to get started. Why? Because I know it’d be a shit load of work with research, world-building, imagination, and loads of mysteries I have to make up and then solve in an interest, yet logical way. The twist and turns in this series are enough to drive me insane already. I will tell you that I have headaches every time I finished a chapter and then I have to go back and read it like a hundred times to see if it make sense.

So what is the series of this YA called that I’m so psyched about?

The series is called The Elixir of Immortality, part of The Blood Alchemist Chronicles. Volume One: An Intended Murder will be out in Feb 2017 on Amazon only. I’m testing it out to see how far it can go. It is a completely different field from my romance genre, although there is still romance involved. Me, haha, I cannot stay away from writing romance, even in a fantasy mashup with mystery young adult type books.

Below is the first book cover of The Elixir of Immortality, An Intended Murder. I’m currently working on my YA website, which will be done, I hope, by Jan 2017.

Meanwhile, here’s the blurb of the book. I will start posting a few chapters soon once I’ve received my MS back from my editor. ^_^

The Elixir of Immortality: An Intended Murder


When seventeen-year-old Daniella Romano masquerades as the son of a low-ranked Chinese lord and waltzes with her comrades into the Earl of Middlemarch’s birthday party to assassinate a high demon, her revenge plans turn sour. There, Daniella meets Zach—a Greek god if she ever saw one—who suspects she is an imposter and will not let her escape his sight. Amidst the exuberant atmosphere, a man shoots the powerful king of Darnia, Daniella incidentally witnesses another influential lord slaying the culprit, and her friends are captured, ultimately becoming the prime suspects in the case of treason.

Now it is up to Daniella to use her wit, wiles, and skills as a blood alchemist—an inherited ability to control and transmute blood into powerful weapons—to save her friends.

Set in an alternative world of Britannia during the reign of Queen Victoria, The Elixir of Immortality is a mashup of fantasy, mystery, and romance.


A New Project: His Crimson Rose

Okay, I admit that I am not updating my blog post as often as I should have. So sorry about that. I guess I have been rather very busy lately. Yeah, I know I am always busy, working two jobs, and therefore, have no time to write.

Anyways, lately I have a new inspiration to write another series. Of course I have been meaning to write this series since like forever, but just never have the time to. I plan to do it in parts, so that I get to publish the story, which will be quite long, faster. It is part of the nine kingdoms series, and will be spicy hot, as in yeah, super hot for me. However, I’m not sure how super hot it is for other people so you’ll have to read to find out, and of course, tell me if I need to turn the heat dial up or tone it down.

The Series is called His Crimson Rose and is set in the Niveus Kingdom. I have the burning urge to write this series ever since I’ve finished watching Betrayal Knows My Name. The opening songs really got me, and I just know I had to write it.

Here’s a sneak peek of His Crimson Rose. NOTE: This excerpt contains adult content and is intended for those who are 18 years of age and older.

 * * *

His Crimson Rose (Unedited)

Setting: Blakemore Manor, Niveus Kingdom

 Rosa Beaumont felt her heart did a startle kick once her eyes met those of her notorious personal warrior, Luka Crossfire. The magnificently built, dark haired rogue still had the power to affect her even though he was standing all the way on the other side of the gigantic dining room.

Safe. At least for now and in the presence of these important guests, she was safe from his deep, intense gaze, intimate touches, and words of desire that burnt deep within her soul.

She chanced another glance at him and noted him watching her. Dressed in black trousers that snugly fitted his fine legs like a second skin, white cotton shirt he always wore half open to reveal his muscular chest, and dark, long leather coat with the collar turned up, he looked gloriously foreboding. Resting his lean body against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, he gave her a smile—that knowing, sly smile of his that affected her in the oddest way and caused her stomach to flutter in confusion. She looked away in haste and gritted her teeth at the situation.

How did I come to be here? Dressed in men’s clothing, pretending to be my dead twin brother and fooling everyone that I’m the Earl of Hartfield?

Her beloved parents, Lord and Lady Hartfield, had been assassinated in the night three months ago. A mere few days later her doting brothers, Gregory and Edmond Beaumont, were both slain dead as well, right before her eyes. Someone had wanted to wipe her family clean, that much she knew, and if it hadn’t been for Luka, she too would have been dead. Thus she had no choice in the matter but to take action. In order to save her family legacy, she had to parade herself as Edmond and take position as the Earl of Hartfield. Her game plan behind the farce was to find those who were responsible for the murdering of her family and take her sweet revenge.

Standing between her and that ultimate goal, however, was Luka, the man who had the power and means to destroy her and her plan, for a female had no rights to inherit her family’s bequest. Even more damning was the fact that if anyone were to find out her masquerade, she’d be executed. Then all of her planning would have come to naught and the people who was responsible for her family’s death would walk free.

Luka Crossfire. She could never allow him to destroy her plan. She could never allow him to expose her charade. More importantly, she could never allow him to get close to her heart, for in doing so, she’d stand to lose everything.

Yet, she wondered contritely, if that last part was already too late considering their complex relationship now.

If only she hadn’t been too hasty in her decision. If only she hadn’t been so naive. If only she hadn’t gone to Luka Crossfire that fateful night and succumb to his cunning offering.

She glanced up again and found he had disappeared from his post by the door. She sighed in relief. Now, she could enjoy the rest of her meal without him bothering her.

“Do you like the dessert, Lord Hartfield?”

Rosa was still not used to people calling her Lord Hartfield. She turned her attention to the elderly Lord Combe and gave him a nod of her head. “Yes, it is very delicious,” she said, slicing the chocolate cake with her fork.

“I love chocolate cake,” Brenda Blakemore said. “Don’t you, Eddy?”

Rosa glanced at her cousin and managed a small smile. “Of course.”

Brenda giggled, covering her mouth with gloved hands. “Luka loves chocolate cake,” she said. “I will bring him some tonight.” Then she chuckled a little. “Of course Pat, my maid, will accompany me when I go to see him,” she added, blushing intensely.

Rosa swallowed the small piece of cake she had just popped into her mouth and instantly felt her stomach protest. The thought of Brenda and Luka together made her feel oddly unwell. Though Luka had been previously a prince of the Crossfire House and was now an exiled one, the majority did not know that, including Brenda. To the world, Luka Crossfire was but an infamous, ruthless warrior who loyally served the Beaumont’s family. Another word, a mere servant. Nothing more. Brenda, on the other hand, was the lovely daughter of the wealthy and powerful Lord Raymond Blakemore of the Blakemore House. It was uncanny of her to overlook their differences in status and wanted Luka. It was true the two got along very well. Perhaps, just perhaps Luka shared the same feelings for Brenda, Rosa thought with a deep frown. Then she wondered if—

She stopped short, dropped her fork, and took a quick drink of her red wine. The bitter sweetness lasted far too long in her mouth for her liking. It was then that her head began to swim and her breathing became rather heavy.

Was it just her or the room felt awfully hot and heavy? Her body, too, began to tingle familiarly as though

She felt warm breaths at the nape of her neck and instantly became paralyzed. Her heart began to beat so fast and so hard she couldn’t think straight.

She knew. Oh, she knew Luka Crossfire was there beside her, his handsome face a mere inch from her. If she were to turn, she’d definitely meet his silver eyes, which was the same color as his mighty blade he had used to slay many of his enemies, including those assassins who had killed Gregory and Edmond back in the woods three months ago.

If she were to turn to look at him, their lips would surely meet because Luka knew ways to position himself at just the right angle and the right spot so his body would make contact with her in the most intimate way. Thus, she stared straight ahead at the flickering candles before her, trying her best to ignore him. But it was to no avail as he moved in closer, and Rosa could sense him smiling at her. She could sense his intense gaze on her, noting every inch of her slender neck and delicate jaw.

He whispered, “Crimson rose.”

Rosa sucked in her breath as his words and the sound of his deep, timbre voice caressed her sensitive skin. Her inside was swirling with emotions, and she was lost as to what to do. Why had he whispered that hated code to her tonight? Why oh why?

She turned, to shout at him that he wasn’t her master and she wasn’t going to obey his order. That it was she who was the master here. But alas, it was no use as he was already half way toward the door, leaving her to stare after him in dread.

The evening meal continued with Brenda talking nonstop about dresses, shoes, young men courting her, and of course parties and balls while most of her uncle’s acquaintances talked about politics and wars. Rosa, however, was too far gone from the present that not one word of Brenda’s or any of the guests’ who had addressed her had registered in her head. She was too busy thinking of a way to escape the forthcoming encounter with Luka tonight.

When finally she found the opportunity, she escaped. Alone in the dark corridor, she rushed, her feet light and quick on the polished marble floor. Now and again, she would glance behind her, just to make sure no one was following her, and all the while, her heart was pounding madly within her chest.

Once she reached her room, she quickly slipped in and locked the door.

Safe. She was safe now, alone in her room. Luka wouldn’t be able to come to her tonight.

She rested her head against the door, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply, to calm herself down. Slowly, she smiled, thinking of how furious Luka would be when he found her disobeying him tonight. But then again, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to her, not least in the presence of people, not least when she’d be going back to Hartfield Manor without him tomorrow morning.

Rosa was so consumed with her own happy thought she did not know a man was sitting on her bed on the other side of the room. Now, he slowly made his way toward her, amused at the sweet smile that was playing about her crimson lips that so fascinated him.

Luka Crossfire, as always, never got tired of admiring the slender, delicate body of his new darling master. Even in boys’ garment of dark trouser, white shirt, and a silk cravat that was tied to a perfect knot about the neck, she still looked divine, a delicious dessert for him to sample right after dinner.

He came to stand an inch away from her, his tall and muscular frame covered her small body like a lover. There, he rested one hand against the wall just above her head while his other touched the delicateness of her chin. He watched the flawless face changing from delight to expressionless. He noted the smile had faded and the eyes, a deep cobalt blue, open to reveal the shock look of his beloved pet.

He cocked his head to one side, a slight smile playing about his sensuous lips. “It seems you’re very eager to see me tonight, my pet. Rushing back even before the dinner party is over and locking the door of all things.” He teased.

Rosa wasn’t at all pleased to see him. She had done her very best to escape him. And how on earth did he get in when she had locked the door? No, you stupid ninny, he was already in your room before you came in.

Rosa knew she had to make a move before it was too late, before her lose all of her self-control and submit to his sensuous assault.

She brushed his hand off her chin and rushed away. This only intrigued Luka, and in a flash, he caught her slender arm, pulled her to him, and had her backed against the door again.

Before Rosa knew it, he had his lips on hers, kissing her long and hard as she tried to fight her way free. He imprisoned her hands against the door as he deepened the kiss, urging her lips to part for him to enter her sweet sanctuary. Still, she fought him, and it never tired him she continued to put up such a barrier between them. Truth be told, that was what Luka wanted. It was fun. It was thrilling. And he loved a woman who fought back. Well, only this woman really.

Finally, Luka lifted his head and smiled, noting the flushed face that burnt his blood hot and caused his manhood to stir with lust.

Before Rosa could catch her breath from his demanding kiss, he easily lifted her up in his arms, and a mere moment later, she landed on the largeness of her soft bed.

Luka flung his long coat off, expertly throwing it across the room. The coat landed on the back of a chair near the hearth. Then he came down after her, his brick wall of body covering her. He caught her left hand and pinned her still against the bed, preventing her from escaping. He claimed her lips again, pushed his tongue into her mouth, and endeavor to explore her sweet innocence.

* * *

Well, we know what will happen for the rest of that first chapter (LOL). So below is the book cover for His Crimson Rose, which of course was designed by me. Hehe.


his crimson rose, nine kingdoms series, alexia praks

His Crimson Rose

Alas, I’m hoping to finish His Crimson Rose Part 1 by the end of December of this year. We shall see, yeah? Wish me luck ;P